Not impressed

Of course, the smartphone camera does not provide such impressive results as the Mi 11 Ultra. It didn’t even make the top 20, scoring a total of 120 points: 127 for photography, 59 for zoom, and 107 for video.

Among the advantages of the main camera are a high level of frame detail, accurate white balance and pleasant color reproduction in photos, a wide dynamic range in photos and videos, fairly well-controlled color noise in low-light images, and effective video stabilization.

But there are also enough shortcomings. These are slow autofocus in low light, luminance noise in low light, poor detail across all telescopic ranges, color fringing and soft corners in ultra-wide images, underexposure and inaccurate color reproduction in video in low light.

«Xiaomi Mi 11 delivers good image performance in many ways. The photo quality is very good, the high-resolution sensor and careful processing captures more detail than any other phone tested to date. Overall frame specs tend to be well balanced. The only weakness is appears in photographs when zoomed in, when the lack of a special TV camera leaves the Mi-11 behind competitors with TV equipment,» summed up DxOMark.

Source: DxOMark