According to the latest weekly report from Counterporint Research, Vivo is now the leader in the Chinese smartphone market. According to the collected data, Vivo ranks first with a market share of 24%.

Second place goes to Oppo, which managed to take 21%, while Huawei dropped to third place with a score of 15%. Somewhat unexpected is the absence of Xiaomi in the top three, which feels great in the global smartphone market.

Counterporint Research cites the strong sales performance of the Vivo Y30 and Vivo Y31 series, as well as the recently launched Vivo S9 5G and Vivo S9e 5G, as key factors driving the brand’s rise to the top. The study also says that shoppers have appreciated the transition to 5G, with 76% of all vivo phones sold supporting next-gen connectivity.

The availability of the offer in all price segments also played a key role: the flagship models are the Vivo Nex and Vivo X series, while the S and Y lines, together with the iQOO sub-brand, cover the middle and low market segments.

Oppo is also holding up well, and Huawei is sinking lower and lower under the yoke of sanctions.