Prices start from 14 thousand rubles.

Xiaomi has officially announced a new line of TVs. The Xiaomi Mi TV EA 2022 series offers 7 sizes from 32 to 75 inches.


All models in the series have an all-metal body with very thin bezels around the display. The refresh rate is 60Hz, the viewing angle is 178°. The main innovations are related to color reproduction: each device is calibrated before leaving the factory, and, according to the manufacturer, the color reproduction quality of such TVs is close to professional monitors.

The base Mi TV EA32 was the only model with an HD display (resolution 1366 × 768 pixels). Modifications EA40 and EA43 received Full HD panels (1920 × 1080 pixels). The remaining four models (EA50, EA55, EA65 and EA75) received 4K matrices (3840 × 2160 pixels).

HD and Full HD models received a 2-core Amlogic processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. 4K models received a 4-core Amlogic with 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.

All options are equipped with single-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are 2 HMDI ports (one is ARC compatible), 2 USB-A ports, and one AV, Ethernet, S/PDIF and ATV/DTMB.


The HD and Full HD models have a pair of 8-watt DTS-HD enabled speakers, while the 4K versions come with a pair of 10-watt DTS-HD enabled speakers and microphones for direct voice control, even if the remote isn’t at hand.

All seven modifications come with a Bluetooth remote control that supports voice control and can call the Xiao Ai virtual assistant. Perhaps the global version will support other voice assistants.

All models except the 75-inch version will be available for pre-order in China starting April 18. Prices are already known:

  • EA32 2022 — 1199 yuan (≈13,930 rubles)
  • EA40 2022 — 1,599 yuan
  • EA43 2022 — 1799 yuan (≈20,900 rubles)
  • EA50 2022 — 2499 yuan (≈29,030 RUB)
  • EA55 2022 — 2699 yuan (≈31,350 rubles)
  • EA65 2022 — 3,599 yuan (≈41,810 rubles)
  • EA75 2022 — 4,999 yuan

The release of the top modification will be announced later.

About the future of Xiaomi and Redmi TVs

Although the brand line looks confusing now, in the future the company will leave only four main lines (Master, Digital, ES and EA) and make their positioning more clear: from flagships to budget models.

In addition, Xiaomi stated that due to changes in supply and demand in the global market, as well as the pandemic, the cost of purchasing components, including displays and chips, has been steadily increasing recently, and this trend is likely to continue. As a result, retail prices for some Xiaomi and Redmi TV models will be adjusted — obviously not downwards. Simply put, if the model you are interested in is already on sale, you should hurry up with the purchase before the price jump.

Xiaomi emphasized that the company’s priority is to keep prices as low as possible so that even after the adjustment, the brand’s TVs remain affordable.