Xiaomi today began official sales of the Xiaomi Mix Fold flagship smartphone with a folding screen. According to the first sales report just published by Xiaomi, the sales of Xiaomi Mix Fold exceeded $60 million in just one minute.

Users are offered versions equipped with 12/256 or 12/512 GB of memory, which cost 1530 and 1680 dollars, respectively. It can be calculated that the initial sales of smartphones were about 40,000 units.

The head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, before the start of sales of the first foldable smartphone of Xiaomi Mix Fold, announced an extreme test of the device, which will be broadcast live. Lei Jun confirmed that they have created a test device that will continuously fold and unfold a smartphone every 1.6 seconds 24/7, continuously for seven days. During this time, the smartphone must withstand 378,000 cycles.

The smartphone received the Surge C1 image processor developed by Xiaomi, as well as the industry’s first liquid lens capable of changing the focal length.