Xiaomi has introduced the DIIIB smart toilet on the Youpin crowdfunding platform, which is likely to become the most comfortable place in the house.

  1. What can
  2. How?

What can

First of all, the feature of the toilet was the dual-motor pressurized flush system, which solved the problem of low water pressure, especially in high-rise buildings. Compared to conventional smart toilets, it requires very low water pressure. The system causes the drain valve to instantly open to achieve the second flush with large volume of water, and after flushing, it quickly closes for more economical water consumption.

The toilet supports remote control and has mechanical and physical controls so that the contents can be cleaned even in the event of a power outage.

The manufacturer has also included heated seats, heated water, warm air drying, activated charcoal deodorization and soft lighting so you don’t get bored when you go to the bathroom at night.

In addition, the toilet has its own display that shows the current water temperature.


The retail price of such a throne is about $680, but during the crowdfunding period, the device will be sold for $350.

Source: Gizmochina