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A new interesting topic has appeared on Reddit. It discusses advice that used to sound quite often, but now has lost all meaning. We have selected ten of the most popular options.

1. No one will pay you to sit in front of a computer all day. — livebeta

2. Don’t get used to a calculator — you won’t carry it around with you all the time! — Supernova008

3. Be patient and you will find your love. Previously, this was relevant, because people were more often on the street and met just like that. Now many people sit at work all day and then go home without being able to meet someone new. Now you need to get out of your comfort zone and actively communicate in order to find someone. — Agrochain920

5. 2005: Don’t talk to strangers online. Don’t get into a car with people you don’t know.
2021: I will call a stranger via the Internet to get into his car. — PalePat

6. Don’t drink water after eating fruit. That’s what my grandmother always said, but it turned out to be appropriate when people drank from the well. Fruit sugar and bacteria from the water led to fermentation in the stomach — but this has long ceased to be a problem. — interesting_feature

And the other side of the coin.

8. Do you like this guy? It’s hard to play, men love to get their way! — Yomi_Lemon_Dragon

9. Keeping money on deposit is a good investment. — bjh4035

What would you add from yourself? Share your suggestions in the comments!