NIU, which became popular in the US with its inexpensive $2,000 electric mopeds, decided to break new ground. This was Europe and NIU’s first product in Europe was electric scooters. In terms of features and price, the devices are similar to Xiaomi electric scooters, and NIU products will compete with them.

In fact, there is only one scooter — NIU Kick Scooter, but it has two versions — Pro and Sport. In the European specification, the speed is the same — 25 km / h, but the range is slightly different: Pro — 50 km (in this case, it takes 7.5 hours to fully charge the battery), Sport — 40 km (here it is already fully charged in 5.5 hours).

The Pro model has a 350W electric motor and a 486W traction battery, while the sport model uses a 300W motor and a 365W battery. Both models are water resistant, foldable, have brake energy recovery and support Bluetooth smartphone integration. The cost is from 600 dollars, and sales in Europe should begin in July this year.