At the end of March, Xiaomi held a large-scale presentation, one of the main novelties of which was Mi MIX Fold, the first folding smartphone with a flexible screen from the company. Now it has become known how much the repair will cost if something happens to it.

The most expensive component of the Mi MIX Fold was not the screen, but the motherboard — its replacement costs 4999 yuan, about 60 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate. Changing the main folding screen costs a little less, 3999 yuan, or about 47 thousand rubles.

The high cost of repairs is due to the newness of the technology — a foldable smartphone is harder to disassemble, and flexible screens are still expensive to produce. Therefore, in the event of an unsuccessful fall of Mi MIX Fold, the cost of repair can be compared with the purchase of a new flagship.

At the same time, Mi MIX Fold is cheaper than all competitors on the market — it is sold for 10 thousand yuan, or about 120 thousand rubles. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Huawei Mate XS are sold at least one and a half times more expensive.

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