Today, the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun (Lei Jun) revealed some details about the cars of the brand. It is clear that the project has just started and not the whole team has been formed yet, but Xiaomi already has some plans. Moreover, these plans are based on the wishes of the users themselves.

Lei Zong today published data from several surveys conducted on the Web earlier. One, for example, touched the body. As it turned out, the version of the classic car (sedan or liftback) is in the lead — 45% of respondents spoke in favor of it. In second place with a small margin is an SUV (40%). Of course, Xiaomi will still have internal debates on this topic, but there is no doubt that these types of bodies will be considered first. What’s more, given the success of the Tesla Model Y in China, chances are higher that the company’s first EV will be a crossover.

The second study focuses on costs. And then two-thirds of those surveyed at a price of 100,000 to 150,000 yuan. That is, from 15,000 to 22,500 dollars. Probably, it is on this price niche that you can focus. The maximum threshold is 300,000 yuan. That is, the Xiaomi electric car will certainly cost no more than $ 45,000. And although the company talks about the middle and upper segments of the market, by today’s standards, such electric vehicles can be called affordable.

The third survey concerns the brand: Xiaomi asked users under which brand to bring their cars to market. Here, 12,000 people spoke in favor of the current brand, while the supporters of the ideal new brand were almost half as many — 6,897 people. What will be the final decision of the company, whether it wants to release its cars under some new brand, is unclear, but one of the designers has already fantasized about it, and it turned out interesting.

Finally, Lei Zong said that the developments of the household appliances division will be actively used in the automobile company. For example, electric cars will receive powerful air conditioners with air humidification function.