The well-known insider Ice Universe has apparently already acquired the fresh flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and took several pictures from different cameras, comparing the new product with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The photos are posted on Twitter, so they do not have the original resolution, but some of this comparison can still be understood.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra x0.5 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra x0. Samsung samsung Samsung Samsung Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra x5 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra x3 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra x10 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra x10 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra x30 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra x30 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra x100 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra x100

You can see that in almost all photos, if not all, the detail of the Samsung flagship is better, and sometimes significantly. It also has a slightly wider dynamic range. We don’t know exactly what colors the objects had, but the Samsung smartphone clearly colors the image more.

However, so far we can only talk about more detailed images and better camera performance. There are no difficult shooting conditions here, the huge sensor of the Chinese novelty has nowhere to turn around yet, and the Xiaomi smartphone clearly has not yet received many updates.

It’s also funny in this story that the Mi 11 Ultra is the best camera on the market according to DxOMark, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra only ranks 18th.