A new version of the Xiaomi Mi Box S set-top box has appeared in the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) database, and photos of the novelty have also been published.

The original Mi Box S console was announced in October 2018 and has a model number of MDZ-22-AB. The new version goes under the model number MDZ-22-AG. Photos posted on the FCC website confirm that the set-top box has the same design as the Mi Box S, but comes with a slightly different remote control. The Netflix button has gone white, and the Prime Video button has replaced the Live TV button found on the previous remote.

Photos confirm that the set-top box is equipped with an audio output, HDMI and USB-A ports, as well as a power connector. Inside the console is an Amlogic S905-H quad-core processor.

Presumably, Xiaomi will just update the Mi Box S model, but there are no tangible changes in it, so it will appear on the market without an official announcement.