Studies show that some genes «resurrect» in the human brain after death

A new study conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago has shown that in the first hours after death, some human brain cells continue to function and even grow to a certain size. The results of research on the so-called «zombie genes» can not only refute the myths about the rebirth of the «living dead.»


Experts assessed which applications most often «steal» users’ personal data (2 photos)

More recently, Apple has required app developers to specify privacy policy settings that communicate the data required from customers to monitor their activity. Using the information provided in the App Store and the Mac App Store, experts from the pCloud analytical service compiled a list of programs and arranged them into categories.

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An accelerated 55 million light-year journey from Earth to the center of a black hole in the M87 galaxy is shown (video)

Scientists at the European Southern Observatory, inspired by the success in studying the black hole in the M87 galaxy, decided to visualize space travel and presented on YouTube a video of an accelerated «flight», starting at the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (Alma) and ending at the «center» of the black hole. The distance is 55 million light years.

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Redmi Note 10 was destroyed by «Indian Zach Nilson» (video)

To check how the new Redmi Note 10 smartphone meets the criteria of strength and reliability, a blogger from India, the author of the Gupta Information Systems channel, who actually repeats the actions of the expert Zach Nielson from the JerryRigEverything channel, somewhat expands the ranges of «bullying» of gadgets, making testing a ball.

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Dyson V15 Detect Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Announced With Laser Guidance For Debris (4 Photos)

English household appliance manufacturer Dyson is launching a new flagship vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V15 Detect, featuring a Laser Slim Fluffy laser system to detect dust as small as 10 microns. The cleaning zone, located in front of the working area of ​​​​the vacuum cleaner brush, is illuminated by a laser and shows the degree of floor contamination.


On the second day of Xiaomi’s grand presentation, two updated Mi Laptop Pro laptops with a screen diagonal of 15.6 and 14 inches, OLED and LCD matrices, powered by 11th generation Intel processors, are presented.

The senior computer of the line receives an OLED matrix with a diagonal of 15.6 inches in 3.5 K format, with a resolution of 3456 × 2160, an aspect ratio of 16 to 10. The screen area occupies 93% of the front surface of the laptop lid. The screen is protected from damage by Gorilla Glass. Ecan has a pixel density of 261 ppi, a maximum brightness of 600 nits, and 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space.

The younger Mi Laptop Pro has a screen diagonal of 14 inches, equipped with a 2.5 kg LCD matrix with a resolution of 2560 × 1600. The display supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz and has an aspect ratio of 16 to 1.

The hardware of Mi Laptop Pro 15 and Mi Laptop Pro 14 is powered by 11th generation Intel processors. Depending on the modification, laptops may have an Intel Core i7-11370H or Intel Core i5-11300H chip installed. Responsible for graphics processing Intel Iris X or NVIDIA GeForce MX450 (2 GB). Also, all models use 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and 512 GB of permanent memory.

Battery life is provided by 66 Wh batteries for the older version of Mi Laptop Pro and 56 Wh for the 14-inch version. The batteries support 100W fast charging technology.

The aluminum housing houses 4 Thunderbolt connectors, one in each model. However, the older computer received an additional two USB-C ports, which are not available in the 14-inch version. The kit also includes adapters with connectors for HDMI and USB-A. The Mi Laptop Pro 15 version weighs 1.8 kg with a body thickness of 15.9 mm, while the Mi Laptop Pro 14 version gets a body thickness of 15.6 mm and a weight of 1.5 kg.

Sales of updated Mi Laptop Pro laptops will begin in a month, from May 1. The Mi Laptop Pro 15 model with an Intel Core i5 chip costs $990, while the modification with an Intel Core i7 processor costs $1,212. The Mi Laptop Pro 14 model with an Intel Core i5 processor will go on sale for $805, while the modification with an Intel Core i7 processor will cost $1,065.

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