At today’s presentation of the Mi Mix Fold foldable smartphone, Xiaomi also introduced the MIJIA Pro robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. What can he do
  2. Price

What can he do

It is the brand’s most powerful robot vacuum cleaner to date. It is equipped with a binocular multi-dimensional collision detection and avoidance system to prevent the robot from crashing into slippers, cables, table legs and other obstacles, as well as an LDS laser navigation system.

The 4000 Pa motor is responsible for the performance, which can capture both large and small particles.

And the 2-in-1 dust collector is designed for both sweeping and mopping. In addition, the device designs different water supply and sweep patterns depending on the type of floor to ensure efficient cleaning.

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro uses the industry’s first flagship dual AIoT processor to quickly create a map of the whole house and intelligently plan routes. And it’s also capable of autonomous AI learning, getting «smarter» with every use.

The robot is powered by a 5200 mAh battery, one charge of which is enough to clean an apartment or house up to 250 square meters.


MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro costs about $450. Already today it goes on presale, but only in China.

Source: Gizmochina