Xiaomi at today’s presentation announced a new wireless charging station that can replenish the energy supply of several gadgets at once.

The novelty is made in the form of a platform on which you can place up to three devices: for example, a smartphone, a smart watch and a case for completely wireless headphones.

In fact, the presented station is an analogue of Apple AirPower charging, which never entered the commercial market due to numerous development difficulties.

The Xiaomi station is equipped with 19 coils, which allows you to place gadgets for charging in any way. Each of the three chargers can receive up to 20W of power.

The product supports the common Qi standard. You can charge any device using this technology, including devices in the iPhone 12 family.

The Xiaomi station can be purchased for an estimated price of $90. In addition, the company announced a wireless charging station in the form of a stand: this 80W solution will cost $75.