At the end of the month, March 29, Xiaomi has planned a big presentation — it is already known that Mi 11 Lite, Mi 11 Ultra, new generation Mi MIX smartphones and laptops will be shown there. «Smart» bracelet Mi Band 6 has been added to the list of new products, the company said.

Mi Band 5

Detailed information about the bracelet is not yet available. According to rumors, he will receive a blood oxygen level sensor (previously it was only in the NFC model) and a GPS module for outdoor training. It will also support messengers, so you can use your voice to reply to messages on various apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram.

There are still rumors about a bigger screen and higher resolution, but apparently the design will remain the same — this is indicated by the first photo of the bracelet.

Despite all the changes, the price of Mi Band 6 should remain the same — 189 yuan in China, at the current exchange rate, this is about 2200 rubles. After the presentation of the new version, last year’s Mi Band 5 will remain on sale, most likely, it will simply be made cheaper.