Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi has a very long ecological chain and is doing well. The company has a long list of products and continues to create new ones. Many people know Xiaomi as a smartphone company. However, this company produces much more than just smartphones.

Today, Xiaomi has officially announced a new device for mobile photography enthusiasts. This is a selfie stick that differs from most similar solutions in its advanced functionality.

First, with this selfie stick, users can easily zoom in and out when shooting. Secondly, Xiaomi Zoom selfie stick supports switching between front and rear cameras.

The folding handle of the selfie stick can be turned into a tripod in seconds, and there is a separate button to switch between the main and front cameras. As for scaling, it is implemented in increments of 0.1 x.

Prior to this, Xiaomi has already released a selfie stick that can serve as a tripod. However, this device does not support remote zoom and is priced at $11. The new selfie stick offers more, for almost the same money. The crowdfunding round kicks off on March 24, and anyone can order the device for $12.