Xiaomi Mi 11 has been completely disassembled to examine the internals and highlight the features that may complicate the repair of the device.

The advantages of the flagship, the experts attributed the fact that only one standard screwdriver is required to disassemble it. The adhesive for connecting the internal components is not very resistant — this makes repairs easier. In addition, many components of Xiaomi Mi 11 have a modular design, which is also good for repairs.

Photo: ifixit.Com

The screen and battery can be replaced separately, although the process can be tedious, notes iFixit. To replace the built-in fingerprint sensor, you need to remove the entire display — if you’re not careful, this will cause the screen to shatter. The glass body increases the chance of damage if dropped, and the curved glass requires special tools or may break during repairs.

As a result, iFixit experts rated the maintainability of Xiaomi Mi 11 at 4 points out of 10 possible. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S21 scored the same, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra scored a lesser 3. Experts gave the entire iPhone 12 line 6 points.