Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of the Redmi brand, recently said that those who want to buy a really interesting flagship will not have to wait long.

Xiaomi is expected to launch the first gaming smartphone under the Redmi brand very soon, which will cost only about $300. There are also rumors about the first flexible smartphone and a new model of the Xiaomi Mi Mix line.

Lu Qianhao, director of consumer business at ZTE, quoted Lu Weibing about the upcoming release of an interesting flagship, and then added the following: «If you are interested in the real king, you should wait for the Axon 30 Pro.»

ZTE Axon 20 Pro

He added that the ZTE Axon 30 Pro will be the first smartphone in the world to feature three flagship image sensors in its main camera. Trinity is what the manufacturer calls the camera of a smartphone.

This smartphone should also use the new under-screen front camera technology. ZTE Axon 30 Pro will receive a Snapdragon 888 single-chip system, and the display refresh rate will be 120 Hz.