Xiaomi has announced a fundraising campaign on the Youpin crowdfunding platform for a new umbrella branded 90 Points.

What is known

The novelty boasts an automatic reverse folding design. That is, when folded, the umbrella will not drain water onto the handle.

Of the interesting things in 90 Points Fully Automatic Folding Umbrella, the fabric is also worth noting. This is a water repellant. In addition, the material does not transmit heat. Therefore, in the summer you can use an umbrella from the sun.

The novelty was also equipped with a durable fiberglass frame with the 6th level of wind resistance (on the Beaufort scale) and a lantern. It is located at the bottom of the handle and is powered by a removable 120mAh battery.

Price and when to expect

The umbrella is now on sale on Xiaomi Youpin for $13. When the novelty goes on sale, the price will rise to $15.

Source: Xiaomi Youpin

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