Xiaomi has introduced a new product that complements the line of smart home appliances produced under the Mijia brand. This is the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L electric oven, which will be available on the collective funding platform on March 17th.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L will be priced at just $41 in the crowdfunding phase, after which the device will be priced at $46. The manufacturer claims that this oven is designed for singles or couples. Judging by the marking, the usable volume is only 12 liters.

This small oven performs many functions including cooking tender egg toast, cheesy pizza, shrimp, crusty steak, cookies or barbecue. The maximum power is 1300W, the oven heats up very quickly. The temperature can be adjusted in increments of one degree.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L is part of the Xiaomi smart home system, which supports remote control and program selection from your smartphone. On the front side there is a small screen that displays the time and temperature.