Many smartphone manufacturers are planning to release smartphones with flexible screens this year. One such company is Xiaomi, which unveiled a prototype foldable smartphone back in 2019 but has yet to release a commercial phone.

A concept art of a proposed Xiaomi smartphone with a flexible screen, which is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in design, has surfaced online. At the same time, the external screen of this smartphone is much larger, so more useful information can fit on it. The design of the main camera is copied from Xiaomi Mi 10, in a square block there are three image sensors and an LED flash.

Earlier it was reported that Xiaomi’s first foldable smartphone will have a design that can better protect the flexible panel from wear and tear. In addition, there will be no holes on the main screen. Xiaomi’s foldable phone is expected to use Samsung’s flexible OLED panel.

Sources claim that it will be the most affordable smartphone on the market with a flexible screen.