A well-known insider under the nickname Digital Chat Station reported a portion of the latest news about the first smartphone with a flexible screen, which will soon be released by the Chinese company Xiaomi.

He said that his screen will fold inside the case, and the smartphone itself will resemble the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, including the appearance and design of the hinge mechanism. Recall that in the original Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, the company made certain mistakes, due to which particles of dust and debris quickly penetrated the smartphone, which negatively affected its durability. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has fixed these issues.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Recall that Huawei in its line of smartphones Huawey Mate X uses a different solution, in which the screen wraps around the body when folded, while remaining completely unprotected from external influences. But Xiaomi decided that Samsung was moving in the right direction initially.

Earlier it was reported that Xiaomi’s first foldable smartphone will have a design that can better protect the flexible panel from wear and tear. In addition, there will be no holes on the main screen. The Xiaomi foldable phone is expected to use an 8.03-inch flexible OLED panel supplied by Samsung. The phone will also feature an additional 6.38-inch screen.

It is expected to be the most affordable smartphone on the market with a flexible screen.