China is one of the largest and most competitive smartphone markets. It is reported that OPPO has become the leader in sales of smartphones in China this year, ahead of such Chinese giants as Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi.

OPPO has increased its presence in the Chinese smartphone market to 21 percent, according to Counterpoint Research. It is closely followed by Vivo, which owns 20 percent of the market. The third position is shared by three companies at once. Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi each take 16 percent. Counterpoint notes that OPPO increased its sales in the Chinese market by 26 percent compared to last year. It is also reported that more than 65 percent of all smartphones sold in China in the fourth quarter of 2020 support 5G.

Analysts speculate that OPPO has been successful with the release of the hugely successful Reno 5 series of smartphones. They offer a lot of features at a lower price than their predecessors. With this, OPPO has captured the market for high quality affordable devices in China. The company’s position in the middle price segment was strengthened by the successful Series A. In addition, the fall of Huawei also played into the hands of OPPO.

Recall that Huawei was previously the undisputed leader of the Chinese mobile market, but since August last year, sales of the brand’s smartphones have been steadily declining. The reason for this is the US sanctions, which have protected the company from many popular technologies.