Wireless technologies are actively conquering the electronics market, so headphones, keyboards or mice without a cable will not surprise anyone. But, unfortunately, a huge selection of models quickly confuses users, since it is quite difficult to understand the model range. We decided to help you with this so that the user can buy the best device for ridiculous money.

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Mouse 2

As always, when it comes to some affordable products that provide a rich set of benefits for their money, I immediately want to recall the existence of the Xiaomi brand, which attracts with its cheapness, build quality and the same features as competitors for much more money. It is for this reason that we recommend purchasing the Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Mouse 2, which looks extremely attractive but at the same time has a simple design made of high quality materials with two color options. For 990 rubles — an ideal option for every day. Of course, you should understand that you should not demand some sky-high performance from a mouse worth a thousand rubles, since you will not get them. It’s a relatively affordable product that, at £9.99, provides the user with a 1000 DPI optical sensor, radio connectivity, two keys and a scroll wheel, and insane battery life thanks to a single AA battery. This is a really cool gadget that allows you to completely forget about wired solutions and work or play in comfort. The model, without a doubt, is worth the money.


Many gamers have long been accustomed to the fact that ASUS releases rather expensive gaming peripherals, which may be worth the money, but hit the budget quite hard. Fortunately, there is also a very affordable product on the wireless market called ASUS WT425, which not only looks attractive, but also fits comfortably in the hand. This mouse is made exclusively for those who hold the mouse with the right hand, so left-handers, unfortunately, the model is not suitable, and at the same time, the user has all the features he needs, such as additional side keys and the ability to work with various operating systems. Of course, the most important thing in this situation is the presence of a low cost — the user receives a fairly high-quality product in terms of assembly and materials, which looks cool, works perfectly and for a long time on a single charge, while not being able to ruin the wallet. For users who decide to buy a wireless mouse for the first time, this is a real opportunity to get a cool gadget for many years of use for ridiculous money. Another thing is that some users want to get a more advanced version with a large set of bonuses and benefits, this relatively office mouse may not suit them.

Redragon Sniper PRO

Naturally, some gamers also prefer to purchase a wireless model, as this is a great opportunity to play comfortably and not worry about the cable restricting or restricting your movements. But most gaming mice are extremely expensive, especially when it comes to fairly high-quality products from well-known brands. We decided to look at the Redragon Sniper PRO model, which looks very attractive, but costs a reasonable price, works wirelessly and provides the user with all the keys he needs. This is enough to make the model a great value for your money. For gamers, wireless is really important, as the cable is sometimes inconvenient, it does not allow you to comfortably control the mouse on the work surface, constantly turning the mouse in the other direction. At the same time, the wireless connection makes it possible to sit at the table in the way that suits you, play games with pleasure, if you wish, this can be done from at least three meters on the sofa. While many wireless gaming mice are extremely expensive, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Redragon Sniper PRO, as it delivers as much value for your money as expensive flagships.

Logitech MX Master 3

The Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse is very actively used all over the world for the reason that the manufacturer uses the latest developments and not quite the usual body shape. Thanks to this shape, the user gets more comfort for the hand, so that your hand does not get tired during active use of the device. At the same time, you can switch between several devices at once, under the thumb there is a very attractive drum that allows you to scroll through pages or perform additional functions, just like a regular scroll wheel. At the same time, there are additional keys with different settings. For users who work a lot at the computer and want only comfort and confidence from it, this mouse is a real discovery — it is, of course, expensive, but it is a flagship that simply has no flaws, no weaknesses and some shortcomings. Logitech MX Master 3 can safely be called the peak of wireless devices for work, so the high cost is fully explained by a decent set of various features, functions and advanced software. All this makes the user’s work productive and efficient, but, of course, only a certain number of specialists need such a mouse.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed

Of course, for gamers who prefer advanced wireless solutions, there are flagship devices that allow you to completely forget about the presence of a cable. In fact, at the moment the market for such devices is simply dark, so the user can literally choose any flagship, but the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed ​​model is the most suitable for us, which has a stylish design, high-quality materials and reliable components, thanks to which the user can comfortably play their games. favorite games for years. This is really important since you don’t buy a flagship mouse for a year or two. The device boasts the presence of additional keys on the side panel, plus, thanks to proprietary software, the manufacturer provides you with the ability to remap any keys. For example, if you need a triple click, some action on a button, or something like that, the user just needs to open the proprietary software and enjoy the job of writing macros. Moreover, in shooters, the mouse shows its best side because of the instant response to clicks. However, the cost of the product may put off many — the mouse is indeed quite expensive.