Xiaomi has already warned that the shortage of chips has affected the production of its smartphones (in particular, shipments of single-chip systems from Qualcomm are now delayed by several weeks), and here is the real consequence of this: Xiaomi Mi 11 is becoming increasingly difficult to buy in China.

According to the source, it is almost impossible to find Mi 11 on free sale: the only more or less guaranteed option for buying a smartphone is to pre-order and hope for the next batch to arrive soon. But the parties are delayed, and with them the prices are rising. At the lowest price of 3,940 yuan ($607.5), the price has already risen to 4,140 yuan ($638.5). And in just one day, from February 28 to March 1, the price rose by 30 yuan ($4.5). If Xiaomi Mi 11 continues to increase in price by the same amount every day, then very soon it will lose all price advantages over its competitors.