Xiaomi Bobot WIN3060 vacuum cleaner review


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Clean glasses without difficulty and absolutely safe for users? Xiaomi Bobot WIN3060 is an intelligent cleaning robot for windows, mirrors, glass, tables and even surfaces. Introduced for cleaning perpendicular surfaces. The wiper is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, can work autonomously or with a 4 m safety cable. During operation, the robot imitates human movements, increasing the quality of work. In this review, I will review the technical parameters, functions and make an opinion about the advantages and disadvantages.



Xiaomi Bobot WIN3060

Supplied in a box with a handle for easy transport, weighing approximately 2 kg. Included:

  1. Window cleaning robot.
  2. Power cable.
  3. Power adapter.
  4. Remote control with AAA battery.
  5. 4 napkins.
  6. Safety rope — 4 m.
  7. Branded soap product with annotation.
  8. Instructions in Chinese and English.


Xiaomi Bobot WIN3060

The model is presented in two colors — black and white. The body is made of durable ABS plastic, square shape.

An L-shaped handle is located in the center: it is convenient to hold on and, due to the small weight of the washer itself, it is easy to keep it on weight. On the handle there is an on / off button, it is highlighted in different colors during operation and charging.

On the side panel there is a connector for turning on the power supply.

Below — the lock of connection of the insurance.

The base and legs of the robot are slightly springy with little travel for better fixation. Velcro fasteners for fastening napkins (included) are installed around the perimeter. At the bottom in the center is a hole for air suction and creating the necessary vacuum between the robot and the window surface.

On the sides are rubber tracks, next to them is a small functioning sensor.


Xiaomi Bobot WIN3060

The gadget is equipped with modern navigation and a sensor that determines the location and obstacles.

3 operating modes:

  1. N-shaped trajectory — vertical movement on the glass.
  2. Z-shaped trajectory — horizontal movement.
  3. Automatic mode — first N-shaped, then Z-shaped, thorough cleaning.

The robot continues to work autonomously after a power outage for 40 minutes thanks to a 600 mAh lithium battery.

Launch algorithm:

  1. Fasten the napkin to the Velcro-holders located on the bottom of the device.
  2. Connect the power cord to the sockets, fix the fasteners of the safety cable.
  3. Spray a cloth with branded detergent.
  4. Bring and lean the robot against the glass, hold down the button for a couple of seconds (the blue indicator lights up, indicating the readiness of work), another short press to turn it on — the robot starts the automatic mode.

To break away from the window, a force of 7 kg is required.

The device automatically determines the boundaries of the sink using intelligent sensors. After the end of cleaning, the robot itself returns to its starting point. Management — from a smartphone or from a remote control. Using the remote control, you can select the cleaning mode, pause the washer and adjust movements. Connection via Wi-Fi. Control from a smartphone is through a proprietary application. Contact via Bluetooth.


Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 600 mAh
Offline time 40 minutes
Charging time 60 minutes
Rated power 75 W
Pressure 2500 Pa
Cleaning speed 0.5 sq. m/min
Dimensions 250×250×97 mm
The weight 1.35 kg
Noise level 65 dB
Remote control Yes

Advantages and disadvantages


  • stylish design;
  • intelligent navigation;
  • multilevel security;
  • memorization of the stopping place;
  • multifunctionality;
  • imitation of human movements;
  • three operating modes;
  • control from the remote control or from a smartphone;
  • reliable safety rope;
  • low noise level;
  • affordable price (20 thousand rubles in 2019).


  • there is no instruction in Russian.


Xiaomi Bobot WIN3060 is a novelty in the segment of home assistants. Users have not yet formed their opinion about the analyzed product. The robot has a good assembly of high-quality materials, a variety of modes, convenient use, two control options, reasonable price. No noticeable deficiencies were identified. The model is necessary for users living in high-rise buildings: it provides safe, high-quality window cleaning.