Xiaomi Youpin’s collective financing platform features a multifunctional pet trimmer, which is offered at this stage for only $60, while the price will rise to $107 in the future.

Pets have been living in houses and apartments for a long time. A recent study found that China is the third largest pet market in the world. In addition, about 70% of pet owners are between the ages of 20 and 35.

Pets are great companions, their fur can cause allergies and make it difficult to clean the house. In addition, if the animal is not trimmed, then they may also have problems. For this, a new animal trimmer was created.

The hair trimmer combines the functions of cutting, grooming and cleaning. It also comes with five different nozzles that perform different functions. The trimmer itself uses sharp blades made of a special alloy, they do not pinch the skin and do not pull the wool.

The kit includes nozzles of various lengths: 6, 12, 18 and 24 mm. The trimmer is also equipped with a motor with high suction power, low vibration and low noise. The 1 liter waste bin can be easily removed to empty the trimmed hair.