A few days ago, Xiaomi introduced the Redmi K40 series of smartphones in China, which went on sale today. Shortly thereafter, reports began to surface that these devices would be released under the Poco brand in the global market. Now it has become known that in some regions of the world, including India, new items will be released under the Xiaomi brand.

A high-ranking XDA developer forum member kacskrz found evidence in the code of the new MIUI 12 beta version that the Xiaomi Mi 11X smartphone has model number M2012K11AI. In addition, the smartphone was codenamed aliothin. This is fully consistent with the model number and code name of the Redmi K40 smartphone.

More precisely, the Chinese Redmi K40 is codenamed alioth, and the letter in at the end indicates that this is the Indian version of the smartphone. Similarly, another code confirms that Redmi K40 Pro will be released in India as Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro.

The Redmi K40 Pro+ smartphone is codenamed haydn, while Xiaomi Mi11i has been reported to be codenamed haydn_pro_global. This indicates that Redmi K40 Pro+ will be released as Xiaomi Mi11i in the rest of the world and not in India.

It remains to wait for official information.