Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55 vacuum cleaner review

The navigation system of the Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55 Robot Vacuum Cleaner consists of a laser rangefinder and a set of obstacle sensors that provide optimal movement during cleaning. Determines the features of the area, builds a map, sees elevation differences. Managed remotely. Provides dry and wet cleaning. A similar model of the manufacturer — S50, differs in color, the body is white, S55 — black. Another design option is offered by the S52 model — with the emblem of the Inter football team. What does the Roborock S55 robot vacuum cleaner offer — its functionality, pros and cons, we will consider in the review.


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Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55

  • Powered by 5200 mAh Li-lon battery, provides 2.5 hours of operation, charging lasts 2.5-3 hours. During this time, he manages to process up to 250 sq.m of the premises.
  • Suction power 400-2000 Pa.
  • Passes obstacles up to 2 cm high.
  • Waste bin 640 ml.
  • Height 9.7 cm.
  • Noise during operation no more than 54 dB.
  • In the container for collecting garbage, a HEPA filter of class E11, a protective coating made of Teflon, filters out up to 95% of small debris.


Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55

The case of the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55 is made of plastic with a glossy finish, as mentioned above — black. The dimensions are small — 35 cm in diameter, only 9.65 in height, this figure was measured to the protrusion of the laser rangefinder. Lidar is the main sensor in the navigation system, it scans the space 360 ​​degrees and updates data on obstacles in the way every second.

On the top panel there are 3 buttons of the mechanical control system, which can be used to launch the Roborock S55 or direct it to the docking station. On the front there is a mechanical bumper with a slight backlash when in contact with objects. If a touch occurs, information about this goes to the processor and the robot understands that it has stumbled upon an object. This algorithm, coupled with the work of lidar, helps the vacuum cleaner build a map of the room.

Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55

On the opposite side there are 4 height difference sensors and a pair of large wheels with rubber tread, a front wheel for maneuvering. There are also two contacts for connecting to the charging station, a side brush, a main turbo brush and a battery compartment.


Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55

For cleaning, the Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55 robot vacuum cleaner has only one side brush, but the movement algorithm is configured so that it is always on the side of the obstacle when the vacuum cleaner moves around the perimeter of the room. Effectively cleans space along the walls. After passing through all the walls, the robot begins to shuttle around the space of the room, which explains the absence of the need for a second brush.

The main turbo brush is designed with a row of brushes with medium hardness and three curved silicone blades. The working surface is 17 cm long, it picks up solid debris and fine dust particles and directs it to the suction inlet. The noise level is determined by the operating mode and suction power:

  1. 400 Pa — quiet mode;
  2. 800 Pa — standard;
  3. 1200 Pa — increased power;
  4. 2000 Pa — maximum.

Another mode is normal movement, the robot performs wet cleaning, during wet cleaning the side brush continues to work, it sweeps debris from the surface.

The vacuum cleaner has a surface recognition function, it automatically selects the mode suitable for carpet or hard floor. Wet cleaning is carried out using a separate liquid tank. Water is supplied to the napkin automatically by a smart system. While the vacuum cleaner is moving, water is supplied, as soon as its movement stops, the water supply also stops. Thus, puddles do not form under the bottom, even if the robot is stuck in the wires or the wheel is stuck.

A laser system is used for navigation, it scans the surrounding space in a circle, SLAM algorithms are introduced. Based on the data obtained, a map of the room is built and a plan for cleaning it is created.

The control system is implemented by buttons on the case and through the proprietary Mi Home application. In it, you can set up operating modes, build a cleaning schedule, independently build a movement plan, set movement-limiting marks, and much more.


Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55

  • Dock station.
  • Network connection wire.
  • Capacity for wet wiping and 4 replaceable valves to it.
  • Two microfiber cloths for wet cleaning.
  • Spare HEPA filter.
  • Cleaning brush for filter.
  • User manual in English, to get a copy in Russian, you need to submit an application to the company that sells the vacuum cleaner, and it will send the documents by mail.


Pros and cons

Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55

After analyzing the specifications and customer reviews of the Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55, I have identified the following pros and cons.


  • Modern and stylish design in three color options.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Voice commands and sound indication during operation.
  • Capacious battery.
  • High suction power with the ability to increase and decrease, which regulates the sound of work, the speed of the end of the battery charge.
  • Wet cleaning with automatic water supply to a napkin from a container brings it closer to a full-fledged wet cleaning.
  • Connecting to a smartphone through the application.
  • Main turbo.
  • Low noise level during operation.


  • The kit does not include a remote control and a motion limiter, but the motion limiter function is in the application, where you can specify places in the room that the robot should not enter.
  • Only one turbo brush, contrary to the manufacturer’s statements, this still reduces the overall efficiency.
  • Not Russified.
  • At the moment, it has not yet been officially introduced in our country.

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