Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 TV Review


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Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 is a TV from a Chinese brand that has something to surprise the user with. In addition to the PatchWall interface familiar to TVs of the company, which fully adapts the equipment to the owner, it strikes the eye with an exquisite design. Its body is 80 percent metal, the thinnest frame is made of a single piece of aluminum, and the thickness is about 8 cm. It plays 4K video. The price is 40 thousand rubles. For comparison: LG 55SK8100, belonging to the mid-price segment of the brand, costs 58 thousand. True, there are offers of several brands even cheaper. Philips offers its model 55PUS6262 for 38 thousand. I compared these models to find out how competitive this Xiaomi model is.

This model is included in the ranking of the best Smart TV TVs.


Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

The TV is equipped with a 55-inch VA matrix. Resolution — 3840 × 2160 pixels. HDR standard supported. The refresh rate is 60 Hz. Viewing angles — 178 degrees. Backlight — Direct-Lit, which is usually used only in top models. A special feature is the built-in eye protection mode. All this ensures excellent image quality with perfect blacks without flare on the sides. The only drawback is the weak anti-reflective coating of the matrix.

But both competitors have advantages in the use of image enhancement technologies, including their own. The Philips 55PUS6262 has Ambilight, while the LG 55SK8100 uses Nano Cell technology. It is impossible to objectively determine the TV that produces the best picture. The average user will not feel a significant difference. It can be seen after careful measurements and image analysis by professional equipment.


Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

The case is made mainly of metal, the casing at the back remained plastic. The supplied feet are also metal with rubber anti-slip pads. Users complain about their instability and recommend hanging the TV on the wall using a VESA 300x300mm bracket for reliability. Competitors are identical in design, but have more reliable massive stands. For LG 55SK8100, it has become a highlight of the design, because it is made in a semicircle.


Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 has the following connectors: antenna, 3 HDMI, 3 USB, composite video input, digital optical audio output, headphone output, LAN, CI slot. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth adapters. There are no questions about the availability of up-to-date interfaces. Even more, unlike Mi TV 4C 50, it is also equipped with built-in DVB-T2, DVB-C tuners.


Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

2 speakers of 10 watts are responsible for the sound. Dolby audio and DTS are supported. The sound quality leaves much to be desired, high and medium frequencies prevail, there are practically no bottoms. When the volume is increased, the resonance of the TV case is observed. In terms of sound quality, competitors clearly win.


Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

The functionality of the model is familiar, consistent with user trends. Smart TV with Cortex-A53x4 processor, clock frequency 1.8 GHz, Mali-450 GPU. 2 GB DDR4 RAM and 8 GB flash memory. Such a technical filling completely opens the door to the world of multimedia technologies. The TV handles 4K video even when watching online. There are familiar functions: electronic guide, parental control, off timer, video recording (including timer), Chromecast, but the highlight is the PatchWall interface. It runs on a full-fledged Android TV 9.0. Smart Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 will determine what you are interested in and offer a lot of useful content. For a novice user, this option may seem intrusive, but from the whole variety of recommendations, there will be a minimum of something unnecessary or uninteresting. The disadvantage of the company’s proprietary shell is the lack of access to Google Play. Applications can be installed from external media.

TV control is simple — it’s a remote control with only 12 buttons. It’s unusual, but convenient. Smartphone control and voice commands are available.

In terms of functionality, Xiaomi is not inferior to competitors.


  • Backlight Direct-Lit;
  • eye protection mode;
  • high-quality body materials;
  • Android TV 9.0;
  • PatchWall interface;
  • convenient, lightweight small remote control;
  • smartphone or voice control.


  • Weak anti-reflective coating of the matrix;
  • average sound quality;
  • lack of Google Play;
  • unstable legs;
  • system lags when trying to scroll through a high-definition video.


Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 is good, fully justifies its price. You can find fault with minor flaws in the assembly, glare on the screen when installed in front of a light source, not very high-quality sound and other trifles for a long time, but given the economy, all this is forgivable. If you are willing to pay several times more, it is better to take a top-end TV from a well-known brand. But if the budget is limited to 50 thousand, then Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 is one of the best deals on the market. You can save another couple of thousand rubles and buy Philips 55PUS6262. Among its shortcomings compared to Xiaomi, one can single out the webOS operating system. But the sound and picture quality will be even slightly better.