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Previously, when a Western startup launched a new gadget on Kickstarter, a month later its analogue appeared on Ali Express. Now Xiaomi has completely copied crowdfunding and launched its own Youpin platform. I went through it and picked out seven interesting devices that broke the bank in the local market. I share my findings.

It is quite possible that some of the gadgets from the selection or their analogues will soon appear on the shelves of the Madrobots store.

COSBEAUTY Laser Cap for Hair Growth Stimulation

  • Stimulates hair follicles with 650nm laser

  • The cap has a built-in 81 laser

  • Designed for head size 58-61cm

  • Powered by power bank

  • Issue Price: ¥1499 ($230)

  • Collected: ¥30022251.72

The device in the form of a helmet promises to return thick hair. Put it on and wear it for half an hour a day while the built-in lasers process the follicles. COSBEAUTY can be covered with a full cap so as not to give out its owner. There is no evidence of effectiveness, but the Chinese patrons believed in the miracle cap and immediately raised the necessary amount for it.

Yunmi smart toilet

  • Automatic flush after 6 seconds

  • Bidet with warm water

  • Built-in hair dryer

  • Warm seat: 34°, 37° and 39°

  • Dismantling of old plumbing and installation for Chinese sponsors included

  • Issue price: ¥1999 (≈$309)

  • Donated: ¥15457569.26

The Yunmi smart toilet ensures that the owner can use the toilet comfortably. The toilet has a warm seat that adjusts to the temperature of the person sitting on it. The device purifies the water of rust, sand and bacteria, and then uses the purified water to work as a bidet. No toilet paper needed, Yunmi dries her body with the built-in hair dryer. And he washes off 6 seconds after he gets up off her. Previously, smart plumbing was a feature of the Japanese, but the era has passed — and Chinese engineers have mastered this art.

Yunmi Lite 1C White Ceiling Foldable Electric Dryer

  • Dries up to 70 kg of laundry at a time

  • LED lightening

  • Does not take up much space, length 1.52 meters

  • Can expand up to 2.2m

  • Descends by voice command, rises by hand push

  • Installation included for Chinese sponsors

  • Issue price: ¥699 (≈$108)

  • Complete: ¥14633460.71

An electric dryer is attached to the ceiling and lowers as needed. That is, it does not take up extra space in the apartment, which is important for Chinese citizens. The device works in the Mijia smart home ecosystem and listens to voice commands: descend, ascend, pause, turn on and off the backlight. It can be made to rise by lightly pressing on it with your hand. But you’ll have to hang up the laundry yourself.

Smart ear cleaner with bebird smart visual ear selection X7 pro

  • Clears your ears and streams the process to your smartphone

  • 3 megapixel camera, 3.5mm focal length

  • Has LED lighting

  • Connects to WiFi

  • Rechargeable by USB Type C, charging lasts 90 minutes

  • Issue Price: ¥169 ($26)

  • Donated: ¥11524129

Bebird smart ear peeler replaces a cotton swab and a finger. Using the built-in camera, the device transmits the contents of the auricles to a smartphone. It is useful for doctors and inquisitive adherents of a healthy lifestyle who did not have time to digitize, calculate and track this side of life.

Yunmi Sugar Compact Dishwasher

  • Supports high temperature dishwashing, up to 75°

  • Sterilizes and dries dishes with hot air

  • Water from a built-in tank or water pipe

  • Size 443 x 467 x 441 mm

  • Controlled from smartphone

  • Price: ¥999 ($154)

  • Donated: ¥11023685.07

The Yunmi Countertop Sugar dishwasher will fit in the smallest kitchen. The device washes up to four place settings in one session with scalding hot water, almost boiling water, and dries with hot air to prevent bacterial growth. You can monitor the device from your smartphone: check the status and stock of detergent.

Electric mop Sawa Dika

  • Lightweight, 2.5 kg

  • Rag roller rotates at 400 rpm

  • Clean water tank, 400 ml

  • Dirty water tank, 250 ml

  • Quiet, 67 dB

  • Battery 2200 mAh

  • Issue Price: ¥599 ($92)

  • Collected: 10964051 ¥

The Sawa Dika electric mop cleans the floor like a robot vacuum cleaner. To do this, you need to carry it by the handle, but the rest of the device does it on its own. In particular, it cleans itself, it is enough to set the mop in the rack for «idle» for 3 minutes. The device can be used by children and the elderly.

Zai Hause Combined Tool Set

  • German tool on Chinese crowdfunding

  • Electric screwdriver

  • Screwdriver set with antistatic handle, 40 in 1

  • glue gun

  • Issue price: ¥99-399 (≈$15-62)

  • Collected: 5371021.73 ¥

The German brand Wiha has launched a toolkit on Youpin. It includes an electric screwdriver with full bits, four of which can be hidden in the handle. There is a backlight and a little adapter.

The second part of the set: an antistatic handle and 40 replacement screwdrivers for it. The handle is ESD certified and the bits are made of S2 alloy steel.

And the last tool is a glue gun. It heats up in 15 seconds and the LED indicator shows that the desired temperature has been reached. The gun works up to an hour on a single battery charge.

All these devices can be bought and used immediately, rather than waiting for three years of the promised. This is a plus compared to Western crowdfunding; the disadvantage is that they are not at the forefront of innovation. But maybe this is the advantage: while the world is dreaming of the impossible, Chinese users are already living in a high-tech future.