TOP 5 best vacuum cleaner robots up to 10,000 rubles

When buying an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner, you need to be prepared that it will not be the most advanced, to put it mildly. But I, as an active user of a robotic vacuum cleaner, believe that any robotic vacuum cleaner is better than its absence. Moreover, for this amount you can count on the functions of wet cleaning, programming the cleaning schedule, control via smartphone, return to the charging station. These are basic functions and they are enough for cleaning. I have prepared the TOP 5 best robots up to 10,000 rubles for 2022 with different equipment and functions, which will help you understand their features.


  • ILIFE V8c

  • Xiaomi Xiaowa C102-02 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite

  • ELARI Smart Bot

  • ECOVACS DeeBot N79S

  • iBoto Aqua X220G



The first place in the rating is occupied by ILIFE V8c, because, despite the low cost, it provides almost completely autonomous cleaning. It is equipped with two side brushes and one floating central brush, the design of which ensures close contact with the floor. It has a fairly large dust collector (750 ml). The vacuum cleaner can perform not only dry, but also wet cleaning. But a 300 ml water tank and a washing cloth will have to be purchased separately, since they are not included in the package. Several main and auxiliary groups of sensors are responsible for trouble-free movement, which determine obstacles, height differences, a decrease in the charge level, etc. When stuck, he retreats to get out of the difficult area. Thanks to the high wheels, it copes well with obstacles up to 10 mm. And because of the small height (8.1 cm), it passes under most furniture. The vacuum cleaner works in 4 main modes: automatic, around the perimeter, local and maximum. Controlled with a remote control. It is possible to set the inclusion according to the schedule. The robot is equipped with a powerful Nidec brushless motor with adjustable suction power. A sufficiently capacious 2600 mAh battery ensures operation for 2 hours.


  • Good design.
  • Two types of cleaning
  • Convenient replacement of containers.
  • Large trash bin.
  • Long working time.
  • There are all the necessary cleaning modes.
  • Remote control.
  • Scheduled cleaning.


  • There is no virtual wall.
  • Perceptible noise level.

ILIFE V8c costs 9,000 rubles. The leadership qualities of the model are provided by a powerful motor with the ability to increase suction power to collect large debris, a large number of sensors to prevent jamming, collision and finding the base. A feature of the model is the possibility of wet cleaning, if you purchase the appropriate accessories. Yes, there is no control via a smartphone, but let’s be honest, in this segment this is a small drawback. Since competitors from Xiaomi and Elari do not build room maps in the application in the same way. In fact, the application in this segment is a kind of control panel and nothing more.

Xiaomi Xiaowa C102-02 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite

Xiaomi Xiaowa C102-02 is in second place in the review of the best models due to the thoughtful equipment of sensors and the ability to control via the application. Sensors scan the area up to 50 times per second, which allows you to detect and bypass obstacles in a timely manner. It is also endowed with height difference detection sensors. Unlike many budget models, Xiaomi Xiaowa allows you to set a cleaning schedule, select operating modes and receive information about the need to replace components in the application. Another feature is the decrease in suction power when moving to carpets. Unlike ILIFE V8c, the robot is able to overcome higher obstacles — up to 2 cm. It has a smaller trash compartment (640 ml). It does not provide for a spot cleaning mode, but there is a «Quiet» mode, in which cleaning takes place with a small suction force, which ensures noiselessness. On a battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, it works up to 80 minutes.


  • Large trash can.
  • Number of operating modes.
  • Convenient management and control of work from a smartphone.
  • Ability to schedule cleaning.
  • Long work on one charge.


  • One side brush.
  • No wet cleaning.

Xiaomi costs 13,000 rubles. The model has excellent equipment that allows you to efficiently clean different types of coatings. Inferior to ILIFE V8c due to the lack of wet cleaning and technology for getting out of difficult places, but surpasses the ability to control through the application and overcome higher obstacles. But then again, think twice, the price difference is very substantial.

ELARI Smart Bot

The third position in the ranking belongs to ELARI Smart Bot. The model differs in technical design: it does not have a main brush (garbage during cleaning is adjusted to the suction hole by the side brushes). But the robot has a block for wet cleaning. Water on the washing rag falls by gravity. You can perform two types of cleaning at the same time or turn off wet cleaning. Unlike the vacuum cleaners described above, ELARI works only in two modes: automatic and spot. You can also control the vacuum cleaner manually — direct it to the desired areas and guide the movement. Management is carried out through a mobile application, using the voice assistant Alice, and the vacuum cleaner can also work in the Smart Home system. It is equipped with a battery that is more capacious than previous models (4400 mAh), the charge of which is enough to clean up to 80 square meters for 2 hours.


  • Designed for wet cleaning.
  • Large dustbin.
  • Many control options (app, Alice).
  • Cleaning schedule.
  • Capacious battery.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • There is no remote control.
  • Incomprehensible logic of movement.
  • It does not report a jam in the application (only emits a sound signal).
  • Travels along the route until the charge runs out (does not stop after cleaning the room).

The ELARI Smart Bot robot costs 10,500 rubles. It performs simultaneous cleaning of dust and debris, as well as wiping the floor. But the napkin is not wetted in doses, so this cleaning cannot be called high-quality (when compared with expensive models). It has fewer operating modes than Xiaomi Xiaowa C102-02 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite and ILIFE V8c, but it holds a charge longer.


Immediately behind the top three is ECOVACS DeeBot N79S. It differs from ELARI Smart Bot in its smaller height (7.8 cm), smaller volume of the waste container (520 ml), the presence of a central brush and the absence of a block for wet wiping the floor. Provides more modes: automatic, spot, along walls, room (short, for small rooms). The main feature is Smart Motion technology, which directs the robot from obstacle to obstacle. Provides other options for control: remote control, smartphone. With their help, you can adjust the movement of the vacuum cleaner, send it to the base, set the on timer. In the application, you can also set up a cleaning schedule, increase suction power, and check the status of consumables. The battery does not have a large capacity (2600 mAh), but its charge is also enough for 2 hours.


  • Small height. Good permeability.
  • Convenient management.
  • Ability to set a schedule.
  • Normal power. There is a possibility of regulation.


  • According to customer reviews, high noise levels.
  • No wet wipe.
  • There is no virtual wall.

ECOVACS DeeBot N79S, which costs 12,300 rubles, has good equipment. This allows him to carry out high-quality cleaning of rooms. Inferior to ELARI Smart Bot due to the lack of a wet cleaning unit, but superior in a large number of modes, adjustable power and the presence of a remote control. Although also, like ELARI, it does not differ in a well-thought-out movement algorithm, which is typical of budget models.

iBoto Aqua X220G

The last place in the TOP-5 of the best robots is iBoto Aqua X220G, although it is not inferior to the leaders in terms of cleaning quality. It is similar in design to the ELARI Smart Bot (it does not have a central brush). It has a much smaller dust container than the ECOVACS DeeBot N79S — only 250 ml. But on the other hand, it is equipped with a water tank (120 ml) and a washing cloth, thanks to which it simultaneously cleans dust and debris and wipes the floor with a damp cloth. The navigation of the robot is more advanced, because, in addition to sensors, it is also equipped with a gyroscope. Thanks to this, he is better oriented in space and is aware of his location in the room. Works in 4 modes: auto, local, perimeter, maximum. There is a remote control for control. It does not allow you to program the auto-on time. The battery has a smaller capacity (2000 mAh), its charge lasts for 120 minutes. Quiet operation is a big plus. This is the quietest robot in the ranking.


  • Water tank.
  • Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.
  • The presence of a gyroscope for high-quality navigation.
  • Four operating modes.
  • Remote control.
  • Low noise level.


  • No turbo brush.
  • Small trash can.
  • No scheduled cleaning.

iBoto Aqua X220G worth 12,000 rubles simultaneously vacuums and wipes the floor. It surpasses ECOVACS DeeBot N79S and other models in the TOP by equipment, more “correct”, logical movement and quiet operation. It is inferior to the leaders in terms of tank volume, battery capacity and the lack of control via a smartphone.