Previously, back pain was considered a problem for the elderly, but recently, young and middle-aged people also suffer from back and cervical spine pain. Data show that 40% of patients with cervical spondylosis are under the age of 30 years.

On the Xiaomi Youpin platform, a smart sleep pillow with Lega AI massage function is introduced to help people deal with back pain. At the stage of collective financing, the price is $46. The pillow supports four massage modes (deep stretch, neck massage, relaxing sleep and wake up in the morning), which allows a person to deeply relax the cervical spine, as well as massage the neck and set the most suitable temperature for better sleep.

The deep stretch mode has 4 levels of adjustable height. The pillow is inflated to a certain height, and the weight of the head is used to stretch, which promotes the natural curve of the cervical spine.

The neck massage mode has 5 levels. After the pillow is inflated to a certain height, it slowly deflates and the cervical spine is freely stretched by cyclic stretching. There is also a smart wake-up feature. Users can set the wake up time on the Mijia APP. The pillow will start the morning wake-up program and wake the user up and down with an up and down motion.