According to the latest news, Qualcomm is developing a new Snapdragon flagship SoC to be manufactured by TSMC on a 4nm process.

The main reason that prompted Qualcomm to contact TSMC was the information that TSMC plans to begin mass production of 4nm products in 2022. Samsung is releasing the current flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC on a 5nm process.

Sources say the aforementioned 4nm Snapdragon SoC to be released by Qualcomm and TSMC will only be unveiled in 2022, while the Snapdragon 888 successor, tentatively called Snapdragon 895, is expected to be released again by Samsung with improved 5nm technology this year. The new technology will improve the performance and energy efficiency of the platform.

The Snapdragon 895 is expected to receive a Qualcomm X65 5G modem, and peak speeds in 5G networks will be increased to 10 Gb / s. The Snapdragon X65 modem is also equipped with Qualcomm’s 5G PowerSave 2.0 energy-saving technology, which will significantly reduce the power consumption of the platform.

The sources add that the first Snapdragon 895-powered smartphone will be the Xiaomi Mi 12, which will be unveiled later this year.