Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart TV review


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Televisions under the Erisson brand are manufactured by the domestic company Telebalt, which assembles Philips, Toshiba, Sharp equipment under license. Erisson 75ULEA99T2 has 4K resolution, Smart TV, and other «chips» of expensive equipment. I studied the characteristics and features of the model, compared them with competitors and prepared a review that will help you understand whether it is worth paying for well-known brands or a Russian manufacturer can offer a full-fledged replacement.

This model is featured in the Best 75″ TVs and Best 4K UHD TVs.


Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart

Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart with dimensions of 1682×1031×331 mm has a diagonal of 74.5″ (189 cm). Resolution — 3840 × 2160, supports 4K UHD. The brightness indicator is rather mediocre — 330 cd / m2, contrast — 1200: 1. These are normal values ​​for a budget TV. The picture is of average quality (depends on the lighting). Screen with anti-reflective coating.

It reproduces high-definition content better than analog signal, since resolution and quality enhancement is not available. It does not support HDR technology, it will not work to improve brightness, color reproduction when viewing content of this format.

The viewing angle of the Erisson is 178°, which is in line with the values ​​of expensive TVs. The refresh rate is 50 Hz. The pixel response is 8 ms, like that of Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 75. Such indexes ensure the display of dynamic scenes with virtually no loop or breaks.


Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart

Simple, concise design. The frame is quite narrow, which makes the look more modern. The legs are thin. According to buyers, they do not look very reliable. Possibility of wall installation is provided.


Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart

The standard set of outputs is component, VGA, 3 HDMI, 3 USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi. There is an interface for connecting electronic CAM modules with a decoding card. More expensive models have more connectors. For example, LG 75UK6750 provides 4 HDMI, and additionally — Bluetooth, Miracast. Xiaomi has AV connectors instead of VGA.


Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart

The sound is provided by two speakers with a power of 10 watts. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 75 has lower speaker power — 8 watts each. But expensive models have Dolby Digital (Xiaomi), DTS (LG) decoders, which make the sound more voluminous, juicy, high-quality, and provide “full immersion”.


Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart

Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart receives digital cable and terrestrial television signals, for which it is equipped with appropriate tuners. LG 75UK6750, in addition to them, also receives satellite broadcasting signals, but Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart does not have this function.

Smart TV runs on Android like Xiaomi. LG has its own platform — webOS. The Smart TV function provides access to cinemas, social networks, applications. Speed, quality of work correspond to the budgetary status of the model. Competitors support DLNA to stream content from devices on the same network. But Erisson does not provide such an opportunity.

Plays files of most common formats: MP3, WMA, MPEG4, MKV, JPEG. Xiaomi still reads HEVC (H.265) files, while LG reads DivX.

Has a timer and child lock. More expensive models have built-in memory, voice control, and other convenient «chips» that Erisson does not have.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good viewing angle.
  • Image quality is normal. Content in 4K UHD format displays perfectly with a feeling of complete immersion.
  • The sound is sufficient for watching channels, movies, but without the Dolby effect.
  • Sufficient number of connectors.
  • Availability of Smart TV.


  • No HDR support.
  • The Smart interface is not very user-friendly. The download takes some time.
  • Complex, incomprehensible menu.
  • Stripes from the backlight are visible on the black screen (not critical).
  • Cannot be connected to the same network with other devices.
  • Does not receive satellite signals.


Erisson 75ULEA99T2 Smart is an inexpensive 75″ TV, which is why it is in high demand. Its price is 70 thousand rubles. A model with decent characteristics, suitable for watching TV channels, movies from the Smart TV cinema, if the user does not need high quality display and sound. If the presence of Dolby Digital, HDR support and additional features, such as voice control, are important, the overpayment will be about 40 thousand rubles, since Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 75 and LG 75UK6750 cost 110 thousand rubles each.