Xiaomi has not yet introduced the «big brothers» of its bestseller Xiaomi Mi 11. However, information about the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra models continues to accumulate on the network. This time, a rather detailed video review of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra from different angles has become public.

The video was originally posted on the Tech Buff channel, but it was taken down soon after. However, nothing disappears on the web without a trace, and enthusiasts managed to take screenshots, as well as upload the video to another YouTube channel.

Be patient before showing Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra video blogger 2.5 minutes of happy reaching 1000 followers. Then the smartphone is shown in two color options — black and white in detail and even in the on state.

Of course, the huge block of the main camera catches the eye. In this block, we see three modules for shooting, including one periscope, the inscription 120X Ultra Pixel AI Camera, a module with a triple LED flash, and even a small auxiliary screen.

This display can be used to take high quality rear camera selfies. However, it is also capable of displaying any app that is on the device.

The white and black versions are slightly different. Apparently, the black version is a prototype, because instead of the Ultra Pixel marketing label, we see a more technical mark of 12-120mm, 1:1.95-4.1 on the camera.