iRobot Roomba 9S and S9+ vacuum cleaner review


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  • Advantages and disadvantages

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In 2019, the line of robotic vacuum cleaners of the well-known American manufacturer iRobot was replenished with two new models — Roomba 9S and S9 +. They perform the function of dry cleaning on hard surfaces and carpets. Both of these models are almost identical. The difference is that the S9+ has a garbage disposal, for which you will have to pay an additional $300. Technical and operational characteristics are the same. We will look at them in detail in the review.



iRobot Roomba 9S+

Roomba 9S and S9+ robots have a stylish and modern design, an ergonomic body in the shape of the Latin letter D. This shape allows vacuum cleaners to easily drive into hard-to-reach places and clean there. The body is 31.1 cm wide and 8.9 cm high. It is made of black matte plastic.

A peculiar and functional decoration of robots is a gold dust collector cover located in the center of the front of the case. A video camera is installed next to it, and in the front of the case there is a charging station search sensor. Others are hidden on the bottom under the tinted bumper glass. The buttons for controlling the robot are located in the upper right corner. They can start the cleaning process, send the robot to the station or activate local cleaning.

The bottom of both robots has been upgraded from the previous Roomba i7. The extractors were moved to the front of the bottom and increased by 30%. Corner Brush technology was used, in which two more panicles were added to the main short end brush.


iRobot Roomba 9S+

The robot vacuum cleaner is supplied by the manufacturer in a cardboard box with a plastic handle for easy transportation. In the basic configuration, in addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, there are:

  • dock station;
  • power adapter;
  • replaceable HEPA filter;
  • side brush;
  • dust collector;
  • user manual. The Roomba 9S+ package additionally has a base for cleaning the dust collector from debris, it is not in Roomba 9S. The rest of the equipment is identical.


iRobot Roomba 9S+

Roomba 9S and S9+ robot vacuum cleaners are designed for dry cleaning. They perform cleaning in three stages, cope with even the most difficult types of dirt on parquet, ceramic tiles, linoleum, carpet.

Principle of operation:

  • built-in corner brush collects debris in hard-to-reach areas — in the corners and along the skirting boards;
  • silicone rollers scrape off dirt and even stubborn dirt, collect dust, crumbs, sand;
  • high power motor sucks up debris quickly.

The volume of the dust container is 400 ml. This is enough for several work cycles. For Roomba 9S, the dust bin must be manually emptied. The procedure is easy: you need to lift the lid, move the curtain and shake out the contents of the container. Whereas in Roomba 9S +, cleaning is fully automated: as soon as the dust container is full, the vacuum cleaner returns to the docking station, where the garbage is automatically disposed of in a bag.

The robot works in automatic mode: it makes a map of the premises, builds a trajectory of movement, determines the dirtiest areas, then starts dry cleaning. If you press the Spot button, it will start cleaning in a spiral path. You can activate the Carpet Boost mode, designed specifically for cleaning soft carpets, and PerfectEdge for cleaning corners and wall cleaning. The robot can clean for two hours without recharging thanks to a powerful 1800W Li-Ion battery.

The innovative vSLAM technology helps the robot navigate in space and avoid crashing into various objects. She takes 25 measurements per second to analyze the surrounding space. The robot quickly maneuvers, moving around the room, does not miss a single dirty area, easily avoids obstacles that are on its way.

You can control the vacuum cleaner through your smartphone, which is convenient. To do this, you need to install the iRobot HOME application on your gadget. It is freely available in the AppStore and GooglePlay stores. In the application, you can schedule cleaning, configure the robot’s parameters, and check its current status.


Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Ergonomic D-shaped body — the vacuum cleaner can clean in hard-to-reach places.
  2. Smart navigation system — the robot determines the most polluted areas.
  3. The multi-stage cleaning system can remove even difficult contaminants.
  4. Advanced features: Carpet Boost — improved carpet cleaning mode, PerfectEdge — for the most effective cleaning of corners.
  5. Voice and smartphone control.
  6. Self-cleaning at the charging station on the S9+ model.


  1. The high price is $1000 for the S9 and $1300 for the S9+.
  2. Lack of wet cleaning.


Robots Roomba 9S and S9 + have recently appeared on the Russian market, but have already been awarded the title of the best among all vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. But they are overpriced. You can find competitive samples in the line of the Xiaomi manufacturer, but for less money.