Philips 65PUS6412 TV review


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Today it is difficult to choose a decent TV among a huge amount of technology. Many people prefer branded appliances. My eyes fell on Philips 65PUS6412 with a 65-inch diagonal, Smart TV, 4K resolution. Its price is 65500 rubles.

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Philips 65PUS6412

Ultra-thin LED-backlit TV with 3-sided Ambilight backlight. The technology visually expands the boundaries of the screen, enhances the viewing experience by projecting a light halo on three sides, and increases the brightness and saturation of colors. Diagonal — 65 inches, resolution — 4K Ultra HD (3840 × 2160 pixels). Viewing angle — 178º. The HDR feature improves contrast, color reproduction for great detail throughout the image. The screen feels impressive, suitable for watching movies, games in the console. Image on a solid «four». At night, the backlight looks amazing.

This model has an advanced VA matrix on par with Samsung and LG. Illumination is minimal. The color on the screen does not look as bright, contrasty and oversaturated as the Samsung UE58NU7100 or the eye-tiring LG 60UK6200.


Philips 65PUS6412

Dimensions — 1462 × 854 × 87 mm. The screen looks fragile. Diagonal — 65 inches. The small bezels of the TV are made of plastic. Neat, comfortable stand, complete with wall hanging — VESA 200 × 200 mm. The connectors on the rear panel are slightly recessed; in a suspended position, problems with connecting devices are possible. You need to connect cables to the connectors in advance.


Philips 65PUS6412

Many TVs are losing ground on the connectors. Manufacturers make them to a minimum. The Philips 65PUS6412 plasma has a component input, 4 HDMI connectors on the rear panel and one on the front, MHL, 2 USB on the rear panel and one on the front, Ethernet (RJ-45), optical output. It is possible to connect a large number of peripheral devices.


Philips 65PUS6412

The TV has two built-in speakers with a total power of 20 W (2 x 10 W) with surround sound. But the sound is very quiet: it feels like it is from a voice recorder. In terms of sound, the TV loses a lot to the Chinese TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65, where manufacturers have provided and equipped additional acoustics, and the price of the model is 3 thousand rubles less. The sound from the speakers without add-ons — 4 points out of 5.


Philips 65PUS6412

4-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, 2 GB RAM, runs on Android. Built-in memory — 16 GB. But Smart TV on such a platform may not satisfy everyone: the inconvenient interface of Android TV sometimes slows down video playback. Among the features are TimeShift (you can pause any of the TV programs available to you and start later to continue watching), DLNA (a set of standards that allow compatible devices to transmit and receive media content over your home network, display it in real time), can record video on a USB drive, child protection, built-in Wi-Fi receiver, Bluetooth. It’s easy to stream videos from any device. Comes with a remote control with a Russian keyboard.


Philips 65PUS6412

  • large diagonal — 65 inches;
  • modern matrix;
  • Ambilight technology;
  • good image quality;
  • TimeShift, DNLA functions;
  • a large number of connectors;
  • Android operating system;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Russian keyboard.


Philips 65PUS6412

  • insufficient sound quality;
  • unfinished Android;
  • recessed connectors on the rear panel.


A very controversial model: a beautiful picture, but the sound leaves much to be desired; convenient functionality, but the unfinished Android platform. When choosing a plasma, you have to make a decision about what you are willing to sacrifice, but this is a problem for many models from the relatively budget segment. The perfect technique is hard to find. The Samsung UE58NU7100 has oversaturated colors that make your eyes tired, the LG 60UK6200 has few connectors, low-quality plastic, and the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65 may have language issues. But if you have additional acoustics or you are going to buy a home theater, and you consider the shortcomings of Smart TV to be a minor disadvantage, then you can buy Philips 65PUS6412.