Samsung UE43N5500AU TV Review


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The Samsung UE43N5500AU TV is a 2019 model with a 42-inch (108 cm) screen and a resolution of 1920×1080 (FullHD). Reproduces a clear image with rich colors, making movies, games, TV broadcasts more realistic. Its GPU uses the latest noise filtering algorithms to remove even the smallest noise and ripples. Thanks to the Smart TV function, you can watch videos online, and with SmartThings you can control your TV through your smartphone.

This model is included in the ranking of the best Full HD TVs.


Samsung UE43N5500AU

The 42 inch (108 cm) LCD screen has a display resolution of 1920×1080 px (Full HD). The refresh rate is 50 Hz. This model has Edge LED backlighting, LEDs are installed on the sides of the LCD matrix. The viewing angle coincides with the one declared by the manufacturer and reaches 178 degrees. Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology uses Samsung’s specially developed color processing algorithm, so the image is significantly improved. PurColour technology makes colors natural, rich, and HDR makes the picture look alive in bright or dark scenes. You can see it even in the shadows! Micro Dimming Pro technology breaks the image into fragments, automatically improves the picture in each of them.


Samsung UE43N5500AU

The body of the TV is made in the color «black titanium». This slightly distinguishes it from the total mass of other models. The device is placed on an unusual stand that comes with the kit. Wall mounting is provided, VESA mounting size is 200×200 mm. Dimensions — 972 × 646 × 297 mm. TV weight — 11.1 kg.


Samsung UE43N5500AU

  • HDMI (3 pcs.) — connection of digital devices for image and sound transmission (computers, laptops, video recorders).
  • USB (2 pcs.) — connect a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.
  • AV input (red, white, yellow) — connection of analog devices (camcorders, DVD, Blu-ray players, some TV transmitters).
  • RJ-45 connector (Ethernet) — for connecting an Internet cable.

The TV does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack: you cannot connect headphones or an additional audio system. I consider this a minus of the model, against the background of the fact that, for example, Kivi 32FR50BR or BBK 40LEX-5043 / FT2C have such a connector.


Samsung UE43N5500AU

An image without sound is nothing. But you will hear even whispers with the smallest changes in intonation thanks to two powerful speakers and Dolby Digital Plus. The total sound power is 20 W, acoustics — 2 built-in speakers of 10 W each.


Samsung UE43N5500AU

Smart TV — you will get unhindered Internet access to watch movies or videos on youtube. The TV easily copes with web browsing, games, applications. The «smart» functionality of the Samsung UE43N5500AU is based on the Tizen operating system. It does a pretty good job, but still Smart TV running Android, in my opinion, is better. It’s easier to use and has more free apps online than Tizen. For example, the Kivi 32FR50BR has Android 6.0, which is faster than Tizen.

The light sensor is used to automatically change the brightness of the screen depending on the level of illumination in the room. As a result, power consumption is reduced, and the image becomes more comfortable for the eyes.

SmartThings — to connect and conveniently control your TV via your smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages

Samsung UE43N5500AU


  • bright, juicy screen with image enhancement technologies;
  • surround sound.


  • no 3.5 mm jack for connecting audio devices;
  • not enough variety of functions and chips;
  • overcharge;
  • in dynamic scenes, the image lags behind the sound track, but this is treated by flashing the TV.


Samsung UE43N5500AU

Samsung, as always, has made a good TV, with a great screen that incorporates many of the brand’s proprietary technologies to enhance the picture. These technologies really make sense: the image has become much better, more detailed. The model has a good audio system, which will allow you to comfortably watch modern films, and not just news or sports broadcasts. Not to mention Smart TV running the proprietary operating system Tizen. She does her job well, but still I think that Android will not be much, but better. The price of the model is 25 thousand rubles. I would advise you to pay attention to Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 43 Pro, which is a little cheaper, but has more features and capabilities, or Kivi 32FR50BR: it is almost 10 thousand cheaper, but in terms of functionality it is not inferior to Samsung UE43N5500AU.