Samsung UE75NU7100U TV Review


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Samsung UE75NU7100U continued the brand’s seventh line released in 2018. The TV belongs to the price segment above the average and takes its rightful place in the market due to its high resolution and image quality. In the review, we will consider the features of the Samsung UE75NU7100U and compare it with the main competitors.

This model is included in the ranking of the best 75-inch TVs.


Samsung UE75NU7100U

TV Samsung UE75NU7100U with a diagonal of 74.5 ”(189 cm) and a resolution of 3840 × 2160 px. Due to the support of 4K UHD and HDR, it provides excellent image quality. The seventh line of the manufacturer is characterized by good contrast — 3000:1. Although this figure is lower than the previous Samsung lineup, it is enough to provide a bright picture in normal mode, but not enough for viewing content in HDR. But the Samsung UE75NU7100U resists screen glare.

Screen matrix — VA. Competitors (Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 75 and LG 75UK6750) have TFT IPS. The viewing angle is relatively small. As testing has shown, the image changes already at a deviation of 60 ° from the center of the screen. The viewing angle of Xiaomi and LG is 178°. Due to the somewhat limited color combination, SDR content is optimal for playback. In HDR mode, the quality is even worse than Samsung’s 2017 models — Samsung UE-75MU7000.

Pixel response — 9.5 m / s. Transmission index — 100 Hz (competitors — 50 Hz), Picture Quality Index — 1300 Hz. Due to the high index, dynamic scenes are shown with virtually no blur and “torn” movements. Through the settings, you can add a black frame, due to which motion processing is smoother, and the flicker frequency is reduced to 60 Hz.

Samsung UE75NU7100U differs from analogues in black uniformity. For example, darkened movie scenes will be seen much more clearly than on other TVs. The gray tones are also uniform, there is practically no “dirty screen” effect. The image looks better in low light.

The Edge LED backlight is made on the sides of the matrix. It is more advanced than the previous line, but with a slight flicker effect, almost invisible to the eye. Xiaomi and LG have diodes located over the entire surface of the screen, so there is no problem of lightening. Dimming the TV screen using Micro Dimming technology is a minus that is noticeable when watching movies.


Samsung UE75NU7100U

Dimensions — 1685 × 966 × 61 mm, presented in black. The edging of the screen with a width of 1.5 cm is made of plastic. The appearance is attractive and at the same time simple. The device looks quite thin from the side. Includes standard VESA 400x400mm wall mount.

A plastic stand for installation on a bedside table increases the dimensions up to 1685 × 1057 × 356 mm. Adds 0.5 kg to the weight (without stand, the TV weighs 37 kg). Legs look solid and beautiful. The soundbar is in the front. There is an embossed trim on the back with space for cable management. There are several clips on the legs, necessary for a neat laying of wires.


Samsung UE75NU7100U

The TV is equipped with all the necessary connectors: AV, component, 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Miracast. The LG 75UK6750 has another output — HDMI, but there is no Miracast.


Samsung UE75NU7100U

The Samsung UE75NU7100U has an average sound level: there is almost no bass, but for dialogue the sound is clear and understandable. For its purity and quality, 2 speakers with a power of 10 watts are responsible. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 75 has 8W speakers. Samsung is equipped with Dolby Digital decoders, which LG does not have, but does not have DTS. But surround sound is reproduced at a fairly high level, there is auto volume leveling when switching channels.


Samsung UE75NU7100U

Smart TV runs on the manufacturer’s own platform Tizen. Xiaomi runs on Android, while LG runs on webOS. The interface is simple and understandable. There may be slight delays when turning on applications, but they occur when connecting external devices.

Samsung UE75NU7100U is equipped with a 4-core processor. It is controlled from the remote control, the buttons of which are programmed for the main functionality: input control, settings menu, scaling. Voice control, unlike Xiaomi and LG, does not.

Home network connection, timer. Has a child lock. Supports 24p True Cinema — plays movies in the mode in which they were shot — at 24 frames per second. Without this option, the movie plays at 25 frames per second.

Advantages and disadvantages

Samsung UE75NU7100U


  1. Sturdy, durable legs.
  2. The assembly is reliable, without gaps.
  3. Decent image quality. Good uniformity. Clear picture in dark scenes.
  4. Low input lag (great for gamers).
  5. Not «braking» Smart. Simple interface, switching without delay.
  6. Ergonomic remote.


  1. When viewing at a strong angle, clarity is lost.
  2. Worse than competitors, reproduces content in HDR.
  3. There is no full local dimming.


The price of Samsung UE75NU7100U is 119,000 rubles, which is slightly higher than the cost of Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 75 and LG 75UK6750 (110,000 rubles each). Model 7 series is characterized by high image quality and contrast ratio. But it is somewhat inferior to competitors due to the lack of advanced features, a small viewing angle, and a slight blur in dynamic scenes.