Samsung VR05R5050WK vacuum cleaner review


  • Appearance

  • Equipment

  • Functionality

  • Advantages and disadvantages

  • Verdict

Samsung VR05R5050WK is a novelty of the well-known manufacturer Samsung, the first in the line of samples for complex cleaning with a combination of wet and dry cleaning of any floor coverings. The model is equipped with modern navigation, high build quality, battery life and a variety of cleaning modes. I reviewed the technical capabilities and functionality, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a robot vacuum cleaner for 20 thousand rubles.



Samsung VR05R5050WK

Samsung VR05R5050WK is a model with a modern design, a traditional round shape with two end brushes on the sides. Produced in black and grey.

On the top panel there is a single power and pause button. The rest of the control is done through the remote control or mobile application. At the bottom of the case is the branded Samsung inscription. Under the cover of the dust container are a compartment for the container and a power switch. A spring-loaded bumper with built-in IR sensors is located around the perimeter, which protects against collisions with other objects and obstacles.

On the bottom panel:

  • in the center — a block with the main turbo brush;
  • on the sides — driving large wheels;
  • in front of the working unit — battery compartment;
  • in front — end brushes, swivel roller, terminals for recharging;
  • in the back — the bottom of the water compartment with an additional support roller, a cover for draining water, through which microfiber is wetted for wet cleaning;
  • in front and on the sides — height difference sensors.

Dimensions — 340 × 340 × 85 mm. Weight — 3 kg.


Samsung VR05R5050WK

The vacuum cleaner comes in a cardboard box with handles for easy transportation. The packaging shows a model with brief functional and technical characteristics. As standard — all the necessary parts and spare consumables, except for the virtual wall. The standard package includes:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Power cable.
  4. Water tank.
  5. Remote control with AAA batteries.
  6. Two pairs of side brushes.
  7. Spare filter.
  8. Nozzle for wet cleaning.
  9. Two microfiber cloths.
  10. Cleaning tool.
  11. Warranty card.
  12. User manual.


Samsung VR05R5050WK

Model «2 in 1» — simultaneously performs dry and wet cleaning. Cleaning speed — 0.32 m / s. The maximum power consumption is 55 W. Intelligent touch system. The Smart Sensing System includes a gyroscope that controls the device’s movements. The Anti-Collision sensor reduces the speed of movement, Anti-drop notifies you when you are approaching the stairs.

4 operating modes:

  1. Auto / Random (random) — chaotic movement from one obstacle to another until the battery is completely discharged.
  2. Zig-Zag (zigzag) — cleaning the space with zigzag movements.
  3. Edge (along the perimeter) — drive along edge obstacles for thorough cleaning.
  4. Spot (local) — spiral cleaning of a square 1.5 × 1.5 m.

In the schedule mode, you can set several at the same time, schedule cleaning, and at the appointed time, the vacuum cleaner will automatically start working. The model automatically selects the best way to clear the space.

Control — from a remote control or a mobile application via Wi-Fi. Thanks to the application, you can start or turn off the device, select the mode, adjust the suction power, control the cleaning speed and water consumption.


Advantages and disadvantages


  • stylish design;
  • bulk battery;
  • autonomy;
  • wet and dry cleaning;
  • small body height;
  • convenient control from a smartphone;
  • warranty and service.


  • small volume of dust collector;
  • average price;
  • no virtual wall;
  • high noise level.


The best developer solution of 2019. Its main advantages are the simultaneous performance of dry and wet cleaning, autonomy (one charge is enough for 150 minutes of operation). This smart vacuum cleaner is for cleaning a multi-room apartment. In terms of value for money — a good choice. Analogs — iLife A9s, Genio Deluxe 500, Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot 1C.