SkyLine 32YST5970 TV review


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SKYLINE is a line of inexpensive Belarusian-made TVs with the necessary minimum set of functions. Previously, the production holding «Horizon» assembled televisions of such brands as Prestigio, Daewoo, HARPER, Panasonic. This, in turn, speaks of a well-established production process and quality assurance. Therefore, I became interested in the SkyLine 32YST5970 model, sorted out all the pros and cons of this TV, and am ready to share my verdict with you.

This model is included in the ranking of the best Smart TV TVs.


SkyLine 32YST5970

The diagonal of the SkyLine 32YST597 matrix is ​​32 inches, the resolution is HD, the backlight is Direct LED. The aspect ratio is 16:9. Brightness — 230 cd / m2, contrast — 70,000: 1, viewing angles — 178 degrees. The picture in the end is not bad, but when viewed from a short distance, there is graininess, excessive contrast with insufficient brightness, but for 10,500 rubles you are unlikely to find something better. Thomson T32RTL5140 is more pleasant to look at, but it costs 1500 rubles more.


SkyLine 32YST5970

The design of the TV is classic, the screen is framed by a thin black plastic frame, the materials and assembly are of high quality. At the back there is a protruding casing with connectors. The TV is installed on legs or mounted on the wall using a VESA 200 × 200 mm bracket.


SkyLine 32YST5970

SkyLine 32YST597 has the following connectors: component, VGA, 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), coaxial output, CI slot. WiFi supported. The location of the connectors is well thought out. For ease of use, 1 HDMI, AV and 1 USB are located on the side panel. The only question left for me is: why is there no headphone jack?


SkyLine 32YST5970

The sound of the device is loud — 2 speakers of 10 watts. There are a number of complaints about its quality. The “surround sound” declared by the manufacturer is not sustained, the sound comes with a predominance of high frequencies, rather sharp, even unpleasant. But in budget TVs, there is no high-quality sound. The Thomson T32RTL5140 doesn’t sound much better, but costs $1500 more. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 produces good sound, but its price is already 3,500 rubles higher.


SkyLine 32YST5970

In terms of functionality, this TV can hardly be called innovative, it has a good built-in media player, browser, but weak hardware and an old version of Android TV do not allow modern multimedia functions to fully manifest themselves. However, for an inexperienced user, its capabilities will be enough — it can play any files from removable media and online resources, although with some slowdown. Moreover, he will cope with his appointment — broadcasting TV channels. To do this, it provides a DVB-T/T2/C tuner. The sensitivity of the tuner leaves much to be desired — you need to immediately purchase a good antenna with an amplifier.

Of the necessary functions, there are progressive scan, sleep timer, child protection, PVR with TimeShift.

Thomson T32RTL5140, having almost the same functionality, works faster. Of the cheaper TVs, I can name the Polarline 32PL13TC-SM. The difference is practically not felt in functionality and performance, and the price is 1000 rubles lower.


SkyLine 32YST5970

  • Low price;
  • thin frame;
  • progressive scan;
  • built-in DVB-T/T2/C tuner;
  • WiFi.


SkyLine 32YST5970

  • Poor sound quality;
  • low tuner sensitivity;
  • average image quality;
  • long inclusion;
  • large remote control;
  • intermittent slowdown.


SkyLine 32YST597 is not bad only from the position of price. A good TV option for the kitchen or hotel room, but has a number of significant drawbacks. In general, I think you can save money and buy Polarline 32PL13TC-SM. If you need a TV with high image quality and tolerable sound, you will have to pay at least 1,500 rubles and buy a Thomson T32RTL5140.