TCL L50P6US TV Review


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TCL L50P6US is a TV from the low-budget segment. Its main competitors are Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 50 and HARPER 49U750TS. In the review, I analyzed in detail the functional features, pros and cons and compared with competitors. In conclusion, you will get to know him better than his rivals or you should consider another option.

This model is featured in the Best 49-inch TVs and Best 4K UHD TVs.



Screen diagonal — 49.5 «(126 cm). The matrix has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Resolution — 3840 × 2160 pixels (4K Ultra HD). Local Dimming, LED backlighting brightens the dark areas of the picture and darkens the lighter ones, which creates an even distribution of brightness and contrast across all areas of the image. Brightness — 300 cd / m2, contrast — 4000:1. It will be comfortable to look at such a screen even in sunny weather. Support for HDR is declared, but the brightness will not be enough for the full operation of the technology. The same problem is observed in many budget TVs, for example, Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 50: although it is more expensive, it has the same drawback. Therefore, HDR in budget samples is rather a tricky move by marketers. Viewing angles -178°. Pixel response time — 8 ms, refresh rate — 60 Hz. This is enough for comfortable watching movies, TV shows and games on modern platforms.



The appearance of the device meets modern standards: TVs, smartphones strive for the smallest frame sizes, this TCL model is no exception. The bezels on the sides and top are thin, the bottom is slightly thicker. At the bottom is the name of the manufacturer. Case thickness — 8 mm. Stand — two angular legs with fastening on 2 screws. Can be hung on the wall — VESA 200×200 mm mount. On the reverse side are the input/output connectors. Special small niches are made for them so that the cables do not stick out, do not create aesthetic chaos.



The device is equipped with all the necessary connectors for connection. On the side panel there are 2 HDMI inputs, HDMI (ARC), two USB, AV, an Ethernet connection port (RJ-45), an optical audio output, a mini-jack (3.5 mm) headphone port. There is one CI slot, CI+ is supported. Built-in Wi-Fi module.



The sound of the L50P6US isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Acoustic system — two stereo speakers with a power of 8 watts each. They produce loud, clear sound, sufficient for a medium-sized room, but the bass is lacking. There is support for Dolby Digital and DTS audio decoders. Of Dolby Digital, it only supports AC3. The TV does not support many video formats, so you may have problems finding movies with the desired audio track, or you will have to manually convert the sound. But if you use licensed content or just watch over the Internet, then there should be no problems: most films come with DTS sound. Like most others, the TCL L50P6US has built-in sound processing software that allows you to achieve surround sound with two speakers.


TCL L50P6US is equipped with Smart TV function running on OS Linux platform. This operating system is somewhat faster than the rest of the existing ones. There is support for DVB-T / S2, DLNA, the ability to broadcast multimedia from your smartphone. Through the application on your smartphone, you can use your mobile device as a TV remote control. The TimeShift function allows you to control the flow. It is possible to record video from the screen to external USB drives. Built-in Bluetooth — you can connect a wireless headset, other audio systems without wires.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • clear 4K resolution;
  • large diagonal;
  • Smart TV;
  • thin frames;
  • good color reproduction, sufficient brightness;
  • user-friendly interface.


  • weak speaker bass
  • no support for many audio tracks;
  • OS Linux platform.



TCL L50P6US is a good option in the mainstream segment along with Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 50. The difference in the price of TVs is 2 thousand rubles (L50P6US is cheaper). They both have a Smart TV platform, 4K UHD screen resolution, similar sound. In the situation with Smart TV, TCL TV loses, because the function works on OS Linux, has a much smaller number of applications / programs compared to Android. Sad also is the lack of support for many audio tracks, DRM protection against pirated content on video. You will have to use licensed content, which costs money, albeit a small amount, in the era of subscriptions to digital services. But our people will always find a way to bypass any protections and blockages. If you do not want unnecessary trouble, and the TV seems expensive to you, there is a budget and good option HARPER 49U750TS. It is cheaper, also has a UHD screen resolution, Smart TV. Now 4K content has become widespread, and the TVs themselves have decreased in price and have ceased to be a technique inaccessible to the common man. TCL L50P6US is one of them. Just an ordinary TV, without any flaws, but not much different from others.