Large corporations are beginning to look at cryptocurrencies not only as an investment tool, but also as a means of payment. According to representatives of the US Securities Commission (SEC), in this area it is high time to adopt transparent rules for the circulation of cryptocurrencies that would attract a “new generation of investors” to the market.

Image Source: Reuters

These remarks were made in an interview with Reuters by Esther Pierce, who represents the interests of the aforementioned US federal agency. Previously, she has repeatedly spoken out in favor of the spread of cryptocurrencies, and with the coming to power in the country of a new team, the moment to create a legislative framework for the crypto-currency market comes right, in her opinion.

The interest of corporations in this tool and means of payment underlines the need for the speedy adoption of transparent and understandable rules for the circulation of cryptocurrency assets, Pierce said. Bringing more participants to the market, in her opinion, will contribute to healthier pricing. Now the SEC is studying the impact on the market of various factors, ranging from fluctuations, the role of private investors and the characteristics of the circulation of cryptocurrencies after transactions.