Thomson T49FSE1170 TV review


  • Screen

  • Appearance

  • Connectors

  • Sound

  • Functions

  • Advantages and disadvantages

  • Verdict

Having considered all the specifications and functionality, I want to offer you a review of the Thomson TF49FSE1170 TV. After monitoring the market, I found that this is not the only such offer. I discarded quite cheap, frankly weak TVs, but HARPER 49U750TS for 24 thousand rubles and Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 50 for 33 thousand rubles interested me. Will they be able to compete with the Thomson brand? I made a detailed comparison of these three TVs and drew conclusions, which you will learn about at the end of the review.

This model is included in the ranking of the best 49-inch TVs.


Thomson T49FSE1170

Diagonal — 48.5″. The matrix has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (Full HD) pixels at a refresh rate of 50 Hz. Of course, not 4K Ultra HD, but similar Full HD matrices have not lost their relevance in 2019. There is a Direct LED backlight, evenly distributed throughout the matrix. Fast pixel response of 6.5ms ensures low image latency. Viewing angles are standard, almost like all other TVs — 178 °. The brightness according to the declared technical characteristics is 290 cd / m2, but for a rather low price (about 20 thousand rubles) you should not expect any incredible effect from watching movies / TV shows on this TV.


Thomson T49FSE1170

The design of the TV is made in a classic style for the current time. Large 48.5” (123 cm) diagonal rectangle on two footrests. The frames are not quite small, but not large either. On the bottom, there is a silver inscription of the Thomson company name and a solid silver line from edge to edge. On the back cover in one row are the input / output ports of the image and sound. It is possible to mount on the wall, the mounting standard is VESA 300×300 mm.


Thomson T49FSE1170

The following connectors are located on the back of the TV in one row: 2 USB 2.0, RF and RF (SAT) — antenna / satellite connection, Optical — digital audio output, 2 HDMI 1.4, HDMI (ARC) — for sound input / output, Common Interface , AV IN, Headphone out – headphone output.



The sound in the model is made at a good level. Two 8W stereo speakers (16W total) with software-enabled surround sound can deliver clear, loud sound. It will not work like in a cinema: for this it is worth connecting a separate audio system, but no rattles, vibrations of the speakers or the body of the TV itself were noticed. Built-in Dolby Digital audio decoder. Of the pleasant bonuses — automatic volume equalization.


Thomson T49FSE1170

Let’s start with the good. It is possible to connect DVB-T2/S2. You can record screen video to an external USB storage device. There is the possibility of TimeShift (pause and rewind the stream), support for 24p True Cinema. But for 20 thousand rubles on average, there can be no talk of any full-fledged Smart TV — it is not here. This means that you lose access to the Internet, the ability to watch any movie, media at any time. This can be fixed by purchasing a separate set-top box, but you will have to pay for it, its functions separately, plus pay for subscriptions.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • low price;
  • large diagonal;
  • high quality analog signal reception;
  • good sound.


  • Full HD matrix at 48.5”;
  • lack of Smart TV.


Judging objectively, in 2019 it is inappropriate to buy a TV without Smart TV with a Full HD matrix for 20 thousand rubles, which in 1-2 years will definitely become a relic of the past, like “pot-bellied” TVs. It’s hard to imagine that now you won’t be able to “get online” even from a toaster. It seems to me that it is better to save at least another 5 thousand rubles and afford to buy a HARPER 49U750TS with a full Smart TV and a 4K matrix, which is about to push the aging Full HD format. Or save up another 10-13 thousand rubles and purchase Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 50. These TVs will serve faithfully for at least 5 years, without really becoming obsolete. And in terms of quality, functionality, not to mention the screen, they leave Thomson TF49FSE1170 behind. I can recommend Thomson to people who either have a low budget or do not have an involvement in the Internet or the pursuit of innovative technologies.