Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun previously confirmed that the company plans to return to the tablet market this year. Now there are details about how Xiaomi will try to attract the attention of the audience.

In the era of the pandemic, the demand for tablets has increased, so Xiaomi’s decision seems quite understandable. The company’s latest tablet was Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, which was released almost three years ago. The Xiaomi leader believes that the company will be able to succeed in this market even after the downtime.

Three years ago, the bet was on a large screen and a capacious battery, but modern tablets get flagship single-chip systems and excellent cameras. Xiaomi understands that it will have to follow this trend in order to win back its market share.

Unofficial rendering

It is reported that the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet will be equipped with a special MIUI for Pad shell. Technically it will be MIUI with various optimizations for tablets. Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 should support the ability to simultaneously work with multiple devices, similar to the MIUI + function, which allows you to cast your smartphone screen to a laptop. In addition, Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will also come with a stylus. This is the first Xiaomi device with an electronic pen.

The release date of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 has not yet been determined.