iCLEBO Arte IronMan Edition robot vacuum cleaner review


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The model belongs to the premium class of robotic vacuum cleaners. It can be characterized by a high cleaning rate, a capacious battery, an efficient navigation system, the ability to wet the floor, a pleasant appearance that fans of superheroes will appreciate. This review will tell you in detail about the functions, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the model.



iCLEBO Arte Iron Man Edition

  • Provides dry and wet cleaning.
  • Collection of litter in a solid container with cyclone filtration, volume 600 ml.
  • The filtration system includes a HEPA-10 filter and antibacterial.
  • Builds a map of the premises by a combination of sensors: gyroscope, odometer, sensors, vSLAM technology is used.
  • Automatic installation on the docking station for charging.
  • Noise no more than 55 dB.
  • Li-lon battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh, provides work for 2 hours, charging lasts about 2 hours.
  • Available area for cleaning — 150 sq.m.
  • Cleaning timer.
  • Touch LCD screen.
  • Develops speed up to 18 m/min.
  • Height 8.9 cm.


iCLEBO Arte Iron Man Edition

The color scheme of the case is designed in uniform colors, the style corresponds to the comics of the notorious Marvel film studio. The design is futuristic. The vacuum cleaner is small. On the front panel is a display with a control panel, a camera with an Iron Man logo. On the front side of the soft bumper and rubber insert for cushioning, it houses sensors to recognize surrounding interior items and determine the distance to them. On the back of the container for collecting garbage, it is removed by pressing a button. The walls of the container are transparent, it is easy to monitor its filling.

When viewing the bottom, you can find a pair of soft side brushes with three beams, between them there is a swivel roller for maneuvering, it rotates easily and freely, providing turns of the robot. On the side of the bottom are contacts for charging on the docking station. On the sides, the main drive wheels are located so that the vacuum cleaner can turn around its own axis. Tires with a tread and a special pattern that provides high flotation on pile carpets.

The main brush is double, made up of a tufted turbo brush at the bottom rear of the vacuum cleaner and a rubber squeegee just behind it. This tandem is good at picking up debris from the floors and directing it to the suction port with the help of vacuum and the retracting power of the motor. At the bottom there is also a battery under the cover, not far from the garbage container there are holes for mounting the washing unit — a mop with a microfiber cloth.


iCLEBO Arte Iron Man Edition

For an optimal navigation system and building a room map, the robot has implemented vSLAM technology. On top of the vacuum cleaner is a video camera that scans the ceiling. She takes photos at high speed, marking all the movements of the robot. In order for the orientation to be close to the ideal, a gyroscope is introduced into the design, it determines the acceleration and angle of the body.

Navigation is complemented by sensors on the front of the vacuum cleaner, which allow you to reduce the speed of movement when approaching an interior item and completely stop movement when the robot comes close to it. This reduces the chance of collision with objects to a minimum. If a touch or impact nevertheless occurred, then the rubberized side part will reduce it, absorbing the touch, preventing chipping on the object or body. At the bottom there are height difference sensors that prevent falls from hills.

iCLEBO Arte Iron Man Edition

The electronic filling that makes up the «brains» of the vacuum cleaner is based on three powerful computing units, each of which solves its own task: one controls the functions of the control sensors, the second video camera and visual location control, the third battery and energy consumption.

Cleaning is carried out in three main modes:

  1. Basic or auto. In this mode, the vacuum cleaner moves in a snake along parallel lines to the nearest piece of furniture, independently calculates the best route of movement.
  2. Arbitrary. Works at a given time, moves randomly. This mode is best used as an additional one. By default, random cleaning lasts 1 hour.
  3. local or local. It is used to clean the most polluted areas with an area of ​​about 1 sq.m. Moves along a parallel path.
  4. Maximum. Thorough cleaning of surfaces. The movement starts by analogy with the basic mode, after completing one cycle of cleaning the entire available territory, it switches to movement in the snake mode along a perpendicular trajectory relative to the already passed route.
  5. Wet cleaning. Starts automatically when the napkin is attached. Wet cleaning can be carried out simultaneously with dry cleaning.

Programming of cleaning by days of the week is available. All settings are set with the keys on the case, on the remote control or from a smartphone. The model line includes a model with the same name iClebo Arte, Arte IronMan Edition differs from it in the following characteristics:

  • Marvel Studios inspired design with Iron Man logo.
  • Thematic sounds in the profile.
  • Ability to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 module.
  • Ease of scheduling cleaning.
  • Optimized maximum cleaning mode.


iCLEBO Arte Iron Man Edition

  • Dock station.
  • Power adapter.
  • Remote control and two batteries for it.
  • Magnetic tape for restricting movement, 1 m long.
  • Side brushes — 2 pcs.
  • Two antibacterial filters in reserve.
  • The washing block and a set of two napkins to it.
  • Cleaning brush for vacuum cleaner.
  • User’s manual.


Advantages and disadvantages

iCLEBO Arte Iron Man Edition

The model demonstrates the following advantages over competitors:

  • Themed unique appearance.
  • Sophisticated and functioning navigation system, including a gyroscope, camera and sensors.
  • Possibility of work in the mode of a polisher.
  • Filtration system consisting of three levels, including an anti-allergic HEPA filter.
  • Good passability of obstacles — up to 2 cm.
  • Choice of 5 operating modes.
  • Cleaning schedule programming.
  • Magnetic tape to restrict movement included.
  • Double turbo brush.
  • Remote control and smartphone connection.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Great cost.
  • The main brush has soft bristles, which quickly clogs with long hair.
  • The vacuum cleaner does not connect via Wi-Fi, but via Bluetooth.
  • Wet cleaning is carried out without the use of a water tank.
  • No UV lamp for surface disinfection.

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