iLife V55 Vacuum Cleaner Robot Review


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A new powerful model from the Chinese manufacturer Chuwi is the iLife V55 robot vacuum cleaner, a worthy competitor to the products of Xiaomi, the first largest concern in the Chinese robotic market. The model is classified as a budget one, it performs dry and wet cleaning on wood flooring, laminates, carpets, linoleums, ceramic and marble tiles. It is intended for operation in private and office premises. The rational combination of cost and functionality has made iLife V55 popular and in demand in Asia and Europe.



iLife V55

  • Powerful Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, 14.4 V.
  • One charge is enough for 100-120 minutes of battery life.
  • Full charge recovery within 200-350 min.
  • Automatic installation on the charging base.
  • Suction with a power of 950-1000 Pa.
  • Power consumption 20 W.
  • Dust collector cyclone filter without bag.
  • Water tank 250 ml.
  • Size d300mm, h 78 mm.
  • Net weight 2.3 kg.
  • Additional elements: virtual wall, backlit display, timer.
  • Brushes — side.
  • Bumper is soft.
  • IR sensors.


iLife V55

iLife V55 round shape. Body made of gold-coloured plastic. Side trim in white.

Top part.

Cover over the waste bin and cyclone filter made of ABS plastic. LED display showing the real (current) status, control buttons, IR sensor for detecting the charging base or docking station.

iLife V55

There are 10 IR sensors on the soft bumper. These are sensors for recognizing obstacles, preventing collisions with objects, and determining the height difference. Further connectors for a network direct connection, a manual on / off key.

Bottom view. Front wheel for mobile change of direction, pair of sturdy rubber wheels. Contact pad, automatic recharging sensor, side brushes, height difference sensors, cover over the battery, clamps for attaching a napkin. In the center of the channel for suction of debris.


iLife V55

iLife V55 is called a «smart» robot vacuum cleaner. It is enough to set the mode and set the schedule, and then he does the cleaning himself. Having finished the process, it will return to the Docking Station or Charging Base.

Main modes:

  • Auto. Cleans the area of ​​​​the premises until the charge drops to the minimum. The automatic mode is used for programmed work according to the schedule. The timer sets a favorable time for the start of work.
  • For heavily contaminated areas, local cleaning is selected. There is a cleaning of a certain area in a spiral. First in ascending order, then again in descending order.
  • Along the perimeter. There is suction of debris along the walls, under the skirting boards and in the corners.

iLife V55

These are dry cleaning modes. In addition to her, the robotic assistant does the moistening of the floor covering. A reservoir for wetting the napkin is installed in place of the dust collector, it is removed. Water for the tank must be purified and cold. The addition of detergents to the liquid is allowed. Next, the napkin module is attached according to the instructions. The wetting is uniform, the canvas stays wet and the floor is free of puddles or water drips. After use, the napkin must be washed and the tank rinsed.

A feature of iLife V55 is the use of two suction modes — main and maximum. For No. 1 and No. 3 modes, the main power is sufficient, at which the noise level is low. For mode #2, suction power boost is selected for effective dirt removal. The noise is high and harsh.

The kit comes with a virtual wall to limit the cleaning area, prohibit access to the robot in some rooms.

Orientation in the room is provided by IR sensors. The soft movable bumper additionally protects the cleaner and objects from collision damage.


The packaging is strong, all parts and equipment are neatly packed and organized.

  • Robot cleaner.
  • Charging station.
  • remote control.
  • AC adapter, charging cable.
  • Motion limiter — Electrowall — virtual wall.
  • Spare elements — a pair of side brushes, filters.
  • Water tank.
  • Wet cleaning module.
  • Gadget brush.
  • User’s Manual.
  • Warranty card.


Advantages and disadvantages

Independent testing of the iLife V55 robot and feedback from real owners highlighted the following advantages:

  • Neat and complete set. For 9500 rubles it is difficult to find a more complete one with a virtual wall.
  • Movement speed and maneuverability by 90% plus.
  • Strong wheel base — overcomes low thresholds, drives in and out of carpets, bedding, thresholds between rooms well.
  • The charge is enough to cover a large area.
  • The suction port is equipped with a tangle-free design, which facilitates suction and increases performance.
  • Suction power change depending on the circumstances.
  • Comfortable noise level.

Cons according to independent experts and users:

  • Lack of sensors. There is no gyroscope, it does not build and does not remember the route, it can repeatedly remove the same location.
  • Does not build a route, waste time in vain due to chaotic traffic.

The considered model iLife V55 meets its price in terms of functionality, it will perfectly help to simplify the routine work of putting things in order.

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