Overview of the iRobot Roomba 676 vacuum cleaner robot


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iRobot Roomba 676 is a new generation robot vacuum cleaner with iAdapt Navigation intelligence that cleans complex geometric rooms. Areas of accumulated dirt are determined by built-in acoustic sensors, sensors for determining height differences will save you from falling down stairs. It is intended for dry cleaning of a floor covering of different type.


iRobot Roomba 676

  • Suction power 33W.
  • Power consumption 45 W.
  • Noise level 55 dB.
  • 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery.
  • Autonomous work 1 hour.
  • AeroVac cyclone filter.
  • Dust collector capacity — 0.6 l.
  • The motor is electric direct current.
  • The maximum cleaning area is 70 m2.
  • Dimensions — d 34 h 9.2 cm.
  • Weight 3 kg.


iRobot Roomba 676

Impact-resistant plastic housing in black and grey. From above the push-button control unit, the folding panel of a dust collector. Classic corporate design. The automatic assistant is medium in size, there are models with a smaller diameter and height, but the iRobot Roomba 676 will nevertheless do high-quality cleaning in corners and under low gaps. The front part is protected by a rubber bumper, in which view sensors are mounted. On the opposite side of the ventilation hole.

Bottom. Pair of side drive wheels, swivel caster, docking pads, battery cover, part of the dust collector, side brush, two counter-rotating turbo brushes.


iRobot Roomba 676

The basis for the efficient operation of robotic vacuum cleaners is a modern navigation system. The device has a high autonomous degree of action, it is obliged to orient itself mobilely in space without human intervention, not to collide with objects, to avoid falling and entangling.

It is this navigation system that is incorporated in the iRobot Roomba 676. IR sensors in the lower part scan obstacles with a beam, receive a reflective signal to the receiver. IR sensors help to build a map of the room, recognize vertical barriers. No less important height sensors located on the bumper. The signal from them «hits» the surface and enters the receiver. When there is no return signal, it means that there is a cliff or emptiness ahead in the form of steps, a high threshold. In this case, the robot cleaner is looking for a workaround.

iRobot Roomba 676 recognizes the maximum degree of pollution using optical and acoustic sensors. These areas are cleaned more carefully.

An anti-confusion program has been introduced into the device. It prevents entanglement in wires, threads, fringes, light fabrics, etc. When the robot runs into such things, the brushes stop, the device starts to get out.

Three-level cleaning system. In operation, one side brush and two oppositely rotating turbo brushes, one with pile, the second with rubber. As a result, all garbage is collected, small, large, dirt, pebbles, sand, dust, hair, wool. All rubbish is sent to the suction port, then to the dust collector under high pressure. The fine filter captures the smallest particles, sending clean air out.

Two working modes:

  1. All available area or Clean. The available cleaning area and duration are automatically determined.
  2. Local or Spot. Cleaned up a small area. The robot makes spiral turns up to 1 m in diameter.

Schematic movement algorithm:

  • Spiral.
  • Perimeter.
  • intersection.
  • Recognition of the most polluted areas.

The function of planning a cleaning schedule by day of the week and time. Mobile app control via Wi-Fi.


iRobot Roomba 676

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • battery
  • Charging station
  • Instruction


Advantages and disadvantages

iRobot Roomba 676

  • Compact forms, universal design, non-staining body color.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Optimal suction power. Collects large debris, but does not lift thin rugs.
  • Universal three-level cleaning.
  • The garbage container is enough to clean 100 m2.
  • Useful and necessary anti-confusion program.
  • Modern latest navigation.
  • «Skill» to allocate dirty zones.
  • Scheduling system, automatic start.
  • Good response when controlled from a smartphone.


  • At a price of 26,600 rubles, the gadget lacks the function of wet cleaning.
  • There is no virtual barrier.
  • Very poor set.
  • There are no spare elements, it is difficult to find and buy them.
  • The three-level system is not always effective, one more side brush would have to be added.

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