Overview of the iRobot Roomba 890 vacuum cleaner robot


  • Specifications

  • Equipment

  • Design

  • Model functionality

  • Advantages and disadvantages

The model appeared on the market of smart cleaning equipment a couple of years ago, but still remains at the top of the lineup in terms of its characteristics. The robot has rich functionality, intelligent software and state-of-the-art technologies. The robot effectively removes wool and hair. Whether the model has remained relevant today and whether it is worth choosing it for your home, this review will consider.



iRobot Roomba 890_2

  • Dry cleaning only.
  • Collection of garbage in a cyclone filter with a volume of 0.55 l.
  • Li-lon battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh, one charge is enough for 60 minutes of work, charging lasts 180 minutes.
  • On a single charge, it can process up to 80 sq.m of area.
  • Height 9 cm.
  • Noise level up to 50 dB.
  • Scheduled cleanings.
  • Turbo brush connection.
  • Soft bumper.
  • Robot motion limiter.
  • Smartphone connection.
  • Filter filling indicator.
  • Sensors for orientation in space.


iRobot Roomba 890

  • Accumulator battery.
  • Docking station with floor installation.
  • Power adapter.
  • Robot movement limiter and two power sources for it.
  • Side brush.
  • Spare filter.
  • Instructions for use.


iRobot Roomba 890_2

The robot has a classic round design, finished in a nice chocolate black color. On the upper part there is a control panel with mechanical buttons and an indication of the current state of the robot. Also on the top is a retractable plastic handle, which is necessary for carrying the device. An infrared sensor is located on the front of the robot, it protrudes slightly above the entire body. On the opposite side is the push button for the waste bin.

On the side of the vacuum cleaner there is a soft bumper, a start and stop button, contacts for connecting to the charging station. At the bottom there are two large driving wheels and a swivel wheel for maneuvering. One side brush and sensors for orientation in space are also attached here. In the center is an air intake hole, to which a turbo brush can be installed, which is a two-roller scraper. The turbo brush is attached to special clamps.

Model functionality

The vacuum cleaner can work in automatic mode or in local mode. It moves according to the following schemes:

  1. Chaotic.
  2. Along the perimeter.
  3. Zigzag.
  4. Obstacle avoidance.
  5. Spiral.

The model is distinguished from other representatives of the line and competitors by a special cleaning system, which consists of a specially designed turbo brush — two rubber rollers, complemented by scrapers. The rollers rotate towards each other in different directions, which helps to remove even dried dirt from the floor and collect even small pieces of debris, sand, dust, fine wool and hair. Long threads and hair are not wound on rubber brushes. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with high-purity filtration that retains 99% of allergens — pollen, plant spores and fine dust — AeroForce.

The second factor that makes Roomba 890 cleaning more effective is the increased suction power. The air flow passes between the dust collector and the vacuum channel, completely isolated from outside air. This tightness allows you to create a powerful suction flow with the same motor power as that of competitors.

For orientation in space, the vacuum cleaner uses an advanced navigation system, composed of a large number of sensors. The robot evaluates the space and creates the best route for effective cleaning under interior items, along walls and in corners. A special sensor detects areas with the greatest contamination and cleans them particularly thoroughly.

A soft bumper and a set of sensors around the circumference protect the vacuum cleaner, walls and furniture from bumps and damage. The kit with the device includes a virtual wall, for this iRobot it works on the principle of a beacon, which covers an area up to 3 meters and makes it inaccessible to the vacuum cleaner. There is a «halo» mode that limits the zone to 1.5 meters. The vacuum cleaner is controlled by an application on a mobile phone.


Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of the device are the following points:

  • Stylish chocolate design.
  • Battery with extended life and high capacity.
  • High suction power.
  • Sophisticated and efficient navigation system.
  • Programming of cleanings according to the schedule.
  • Passage of obstacles up to 2 cm.
  • Efficient filtration that retains even the smallest particles.
  • Dust bag full indication.
  • Connecting the robot to a mobile device.
  • Low noise level.


  • There is no remote control included.

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